Academic programmes

The Department of International History currently offers undergraduate, masters and research degrees. These degrees offer a wide variety of options for students interested in the making of the modern world, ranging from the discovery of the New World in the late fifteenth century up to the decision-making processes confronting states in the first decade of the New Millennium.

Undergraduate programmes



BA History

Students doing a degree in History at the LSE study the full range of modern international history. BA History courses span from the fifteenth century to the twenty-first century, giving students an understanding of the forces that have shaped the past and those that are shaping the world we live in today.


BSc International Relations and History

This joint honours degree allows you to combine historical studies with contemporary and theoretical studies in international relations. Students who wish to complement the in-depth understanding of the complex unfolding of historical events with a theoretical perspective on how international society is organised can take a degree in International Relations and History.


BSc History and Politics

Taught jointly with the Department of Government, this programme combines the two complementary fields of history and politics in a joint honours programme, with around half of the programme in each field. It will provide you with insight into the interaction between political ideas and institutions, and historical developments.


Masters programmes



MSc History of International Relations

This wide-ranging Masters programme is aimed at those looking for a taught graduate programme in history in an international context. It caters for a wide variety of students, including those who have studied history at an undergraduate level and those who are making the transition from related subjects such as political science, modern languages, economics, law or journalism.


MSc Theory and History of International Relations

This is a joint degree with the International Relations Department which allows students to sample courses in both departments, giving them a chance to understand and appreciate the theoretical and the empirical approach to the study of international relations. The structure of the degree is intended to ensure a good balance between the two disciplines.


MSc Empires, Colonialism and Globalisation

This Masters programme focuses on the phenomenon of imperialism and related issues, including technologies and ideologies of empire, notions of race, ethnicity and gender, economic development and underdevelopment, and trans-regional flows and interactions. Your core course is complemented by a range of specialist options. 

MScIAH 1x1

MSc International and Asian History

This master's programme is designed for those who wish to study Asia in a regional perspective, from the 16th century onwards. Learn about individual countries in Asia, as well as global flows and interactions.

MA Modern History BW

MA Modern History

Enabled by a research-oriented approach rooted in the humanities, this master's programme provides broad coverage of the origins, formation and reinvention of the modern world. This course will give students a firm grasp of the nature and genealogy of the modern world, and furnish secure foundations for more advanced research.


LSE-Columbia University Double MSc in International and World History

This master’s programme at Columbia and LSE asks students to explore our world by studying the forces that have been remaking it: migration, trade, technological revolutions, epidemic disease, environmental change, wars and diplomacy. Working with preeminent historians in the field, students analyse large-scale historical processes, pursue empirical research, and produce their own comparative and cross-cultural histories.


LSE-Peking University Double MSc in International Affairs

Offered jointly by LSE and Peking University, this innovative double MSc degree offers an outstanding opportunity for graduate students and young professionals to study the international relations of China and the Asia Pacific region, as well as the theory and history of global international relations.

LSE-NUS Asian and International History

LSE-NUS Double MA in Asian and International History

This exciting two-year master’s program taught by the National University of Singapore and the London School of Economics is designed for students interested in studying Asia from an international perspective. It is also for those interested in decentring international history by studying it from an Asian perspective.


Research programme


MPhil/PhD International History

The Department of International History at LSE is one of the UK's leading centres of historical research. We offer a comprehensive range of special areas for research, ranging from the early 16th century to the late 20th century. With its emphasis on the international context of historical developments, the Department provides a supportive, but challenging environment for those individuals interested in undertaking a research project leading to a PhD in international history.

LSE PhD Studentships available.

LAHP PhD studentship competition is open for applications.

PhD Destinations


Graduate Destinations

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Graduate Destinations

LSE History graduates find employment in almost any job sector due to the wide range of transferable skills developed during their studies.

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