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October 2018 

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Lectures by Esra Özyürek

Dr Esra Özyürek gave a lecture on 'Making Germans out of Turks and Arabs? Holocaust Memory and Inclusion/Exclusion' at the Center for European Studies, Harvard University, on 24 September 2018. She also gave a lecture titled 'Generation Allah: Democratizing Muslim Men and Holocaust Memory in Germany' at the University of Illinois, on 20 September 2018.

Downing Joseph1

Social Media Conference, Dr Joseph Downing

Dr Joseph Downing is organizing a two-day conference on methodological scholarly approaches to social media as a base for social science research, titled 'Social Media and the Social Sciences: Perspectives, Methods and Approaches'.

Mr Anthony Teasdale

Anthony Teasdale's Article

Anthony Teasdale has published an article (co-authored with David Willetts) about Margaret Thatcher's Bruges speech, entitled 'How the seed of Brexit was planted 30 years ago', in the October 2018 edition of Prospect magazine.

Mr Philippe Legrain

Philippe Legrain's Contributions

Philippe Legrain spoke at The Economist's Open Future Festival in London on 15 September in a debate on 'Has migration gone too far?'. He also wrote an article for Brussels Times on the need for greater European defence cooperation and strategic autonomy;  and contributed to a symposium on Brexit by The National Interest.

Mr Richard Bron

Richard Bronk on LSE IQ Podcast

Richard Bronk, Visiting Fellow, contributed to the latest 'LSE IQ Podcast: Episode 18 | How do stories help us understand the world?'.

Dr Annette Bongardt

Dr Francisco Torres

Publications by  Annette Bongardt and Francisco Torres' 

Dr Annette Bongardt and Dr Francisco Torres have recently co-authored 'Trade Agreements and Regional Integration: the EU after Brexit'Chapter 32 in Robert Looney (ed.), Routledge Handbook of International Trade Agreements: Country, regional and global approaches, London and NY: Routledge, pp. 296-306; and 'What should be the EU’s approach to global trade?', Forum on the Global Trading System, Review of European Economic Policy,Vol. 53, 5, Sept/Oct.

Mr Lorenzo Codogno

Lorenzo Codogno's Contributions

Lorenzo Codogno has written a blogpost 'Italy under the spotlight of another financial crisis', with Mara Monti, also a Policy Brief for LUISS School of Economic Policy. He has written two articles for Il Sole 24 Ore with Giampaolo Galli, 'Una manovra per la sostenibilità del debito' (A Budget for debt sustainability) and 'I pericoli di uno scontro con i mercati' (The dangers of a fight with financial markets). He also gave interviews to the BBC and Class CNBC, among others.

October Staff Calendar 

1-2 October Professor Paul De Grauwe will give a presentation at the “Bringing new thinking in psychology and social science into macroeconomic modelling” conference, UK Treasury, London.

3 October Professor Nicholas Barr will be giving a talk on the UK experience of higher education finance to a group of officials from the Cyprus Education Ministry, London.

4 October Professor Paul De Grauwe will give a lecture for LSE Alumni in Luxembourg.

5 October Professor Nicholas Barr will be giving a keynote lecture on ‘University Funding: Lessons from England’ at a conference on financing universities, Amsterdam.

8 October Dr Orkun Saka will be presenting a paper, entitled Lending Cycles and Real Outcomes: Costs of Political Misalignment, in a seminar at the Bangor University.

10 October Professor Nicholas Barr will be on a panel on ‘Social Protection and the Future of Work’ at the 2018 Annual Meetings of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank, Nusa Dua, Bali.

11 October Dr Vassilis Monastiriotis will give a lecture on EU Cohesion Policy at the European Week of Regions and Cities in Brussels (details at

Dr Annette Bongardt and Dr Francisco Torres will discuss the book “WTO 2.0  CETA as a new paradigm” by F. P. Coutinho et al., JurisNova, at the New University of Lisbon – Faculty of Law.

Professor Paul De Grauwe will present the new book "The Political Economy of Structural Reforms in Europe" (attendance can be booked here) alongside co-editors Nauro F. Campos, Paul De Grauwe and Yuemei Ji. An event co-organised by the UCL European Institute and UCL SSEES.

12-13 October Dr Orkun Saka will be presenting a paper, entitled Lending Cycles and Real Outcomes: Costs of Political Misalignment, at the Political Economy of Finance Conference (University of Oxford).

15 October Dr Annette Bongardt and Dr Francisco Torres will present “The Future of EU governance” at the conference “Europe at the Cross Roads”; organised by Social Sciences Institute of the University of Lisbon, and the Institute for Public Policy at the Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon, in a session with Lisbet Hooghe, Gary Marks, Michael Lewis-Beck, Ignacio Jurado, and Marina Costa Lobo.

19 October Professor Paul De Grauwe will give a Keynote Lecture at INFER Conference on Applied Macroeconomics, Paris.

20 October Professor Nick Barr will be Firewalking as part of a fundraising drive for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution [RNLI].  If you would like to sponsor him you can do so via JustGiving either on his page or the village team page, either with your name or anonymously (and please tick the GiftAid box if appropriate). 

25-26 October Dr Vassilis Monastiriotis will present a paper titled “Wage adjustments and wage flexibility across the Greek regions – the wage curve and beyond” at the VI Regional Modelling Workshop organised by the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission in Seville.

Past News 

September 2018


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Esra Özyürek comments on Turkey  

Esra talked to the following media outlets about the economic crisis in Turkey: BBC, Canda Television and ITV. She has also had her article "Exile and Plurality in Neoliberal Times: Turkey's Academics for Peace" accepted for publication and has been scheduled for the May 2019 special issue of Public Culture (31-2) on the theme of 'Interrogating the Histories and Futures of “Diversity”: Transnational Perspectives'.  


Marta Lorimer Contributions 

Marta has recently published a chapter titled ‘"Ni droite, Ni gauche, Français!" Far right populism and the future of Left/Right politics’. The chapter is featured in Lise Herman and James Muldoon’s volume ‘Trumping the Mainstream: The Conquest of Democratic Politics by the Populist Radical Right

Mr Lorenzo Codogno

Lorenzo Codogno Publications

Lorzeno has written a chapter “Cosa succede se usciamo dall’Euro?” (What would happen if we exit the euro?) edited by Carlo Stagnaro, with Giampaolo Galli, IBL Libri. He has also contributed his article “Cosa insegna all’Italia la crisi della Turchia” (What the crisis in Turkey teaches to Italy),  “La quadratura dei conti e lo spread in agguato” (Squaring the circle of the Budget and the yield spread) and has also given interviews for  Class CNBC on Italian political and budgetary developments and the global scenario, Radio 24 Focus Economia on the next Italian budget and CNBC Asia interview on “Close to 'crunch time' for Brexit negotiations”. 


August 2018 


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New Book by Richard Bronk
Richard Bronk is co-editor along with Jens Beckert of a new book "Uncertain Futures: Imaginaries, Narratives, Calculation in the Economy"  published by Oxford University Press. An LSE discussion panel event marking the launch of the book will follow, more details to be annnounced soon. 


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Dr Esra Özyürek in Imminent Frame 

Dr Esra Özyürek wrote about adopting religious belief one did not inherit from their parents "Inheratance and Belief" in Imminent Frame, 3 July 2018.

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LSE Contintental Breakfast 15 June 2018
Horatio Mortimer has summarized the contributions and discussions of the Continental Breakfast which occurred on 15 June 2018 at the LSE concerning Brexit and Multilateralism.


Professor Nicholas Barr

Dr Nicholas Barr on Superannuation 

Professor Nicholas Barr provided evidence (joint with Peter Diamond) to an Australian inquiry into the design of a default pension, Response to Superannuation: Assessing Efficiency and Competitiveness: Productivity Commission Draft Report, has been published by the Australia Productivity Commission, July 2018. 

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Forthcoming publication by Dr Vassilis Monastiriotis

Dr Vassilis Monastiriotis has had a forthcoming paper accepted for publication Regional Studies (currently in press), titled 'Regional needs, regional targeting, and regional growth: an assessment of EU Cohesion Policy in the UK regions' (co-authored with Marco Di Cataldo). Further information on the publication to follow. 


July 2018

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New paper presented at the German Economic Association 

Dr Orkun Saka presented a paper, "Political Lending Cycles and Real Outcomes: Evidence from Turkey", in the Development Economics Conference for the German Economic Association at the University of Zurich, 28 June. 


Professor Iain Begg Contributions 

Professor Iain Begg contributed to a panel on the Future of Cohesion Policy at the Prague European Summit, 20th June. He has also organised a workshop on the next EU multi-annual financial Framework, Hertie School, Berlin, 14th June and was a speaker at a plenary panel on Cohesion Policy at the annual conference of the Regional Studies Association, Lugano, 5th June. Iain has also written a short paper along with Lisa ten Brinke on 'Economic policy challenges of an ageing Europe' which has been published in Vanguardia Dossier. Alongside this, Iain's policy brief 'Plus can change...the Commission's budget proposals for 2021-27' has been published by the European Trade Union Institute.

Mr Philippe Legrain

Philippe Legrain in Project Syndicate 

Philippe wrote a column for Project Syndicate on "Overcoming the Politics of Pessimism". He also wrote a three part essay for The Economist on "How to convince sceptics of the value of immigration?"

Esra Ozyurek 200x200

Dr Esra Özyürek German Focus 

Dr Esra Özyürek participated in a Koerber Foundation event on "Flight and Integration as Challenges to Europe in Berlin". She has also been interviewed by the Gerda Henkel Foundation on why "Converts often play the role of the mediator". Alongisde this, Frankfurt Allgemeine Zeitung published the German translation of Esra's book 'Being German, becoming Muslim'.

Featherstone Kevin 200x200

Professor Kevin Featherstone speaks about the implications of Brexit 

Professor Kevin Featherstone, Head of the European Institute, spoke about the Implications of 'BREXIT' at a seminar jointly organised by LSE and Business Europe, 25th June, Brussels.