Dustin Voss

Dustin Voss

PhD Candidate

European Institute

English, German
Key Expertise
Comparative political economy, Growth models, Financialisation

About me

Dustin Voss is a PhD candidate in Political Economy of Europe working on institutional continuity and change in European financial systems. He is particularly interested in the transition from bank-based to market-based finance in coordinated market economies, the nature of contested financialization, and the rise of asset manager capitalism.

More broadly, his research interests include comparative finance capitalism, the politics of growth models, and the relationship of democracy and capitalism.

Recently, Dustin published his first book titled Money: A Theory of Modern Society (Routledge), co-authored with Nico Stehr. The book is also available in German with Velbrück publishers.

Dustin holds an MSc in Political Economy of Europe (with distinction) from the LSE as well as a BA in Sociology, Politics and Economics from Zeppelin University (Germany). He teaches LSE courses on the Political Economy of Advanced Nations and Power and Politics in the Modern World.