Tommaso Crescioli

Tommaso Crescioli

PhD Candidate

European Institute

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English, Italian
Key Expertise
Political Economy, Market Power, Voting Behavior, Competition Policy

About me

Tommaso's research encompasses two main streams. 

The first stream examines how economic openness and institutions impact the strategies and objectives of international organizations, governments, and large firms. It investigates how the interactions between these actors shape competition policy and the evolution of market power.

The second stream tries to establish a novel research agenda by looking at the political implications of rising market power via channels different from lobbying and rent-seeking. Tommaso does so by looking at how the increasing dominance of powerful firms influences citizens' political behavior and how politicians adjust their strategies consequently.

Before Joining the PhD programme Tommaso completed an MSc in Political Economy of Europe at the LSE and an MSc in Economics jointly awarded by Sant’ Anna school and Pisa University with 110 plus laude and encomium. He also worked as consultant for Deloitte and as intern for the Italian Ministry of Finance and the Tuscany Institute for Economic Planning (IRPET).

Academic Supervisors

Prof Waltraud Schelkle and Dr Angelo Martelli