Dr Marta Lorimer

Dr Marta Lorimer

Fellow in European Politics

European Institute

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Mondays 3-5pm
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English, French, Italian
Key Expertise
Far Right, Political Ideologies, Euroscepticsm, Differentiated Integration

About me

Marta Lorimer is a LSE Fellow in European Politics. Prior to joining the European Institute, she was a Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Exeter. She has also held visiting positions at Forum MIDEM at TU Dresden and at the Centre d’Etudes Européennes in Sciences Po Paris.

Marta’s research focuses on far right politics and differentiated integration in the European Union. Her research has been published in the Journal of European Public Policy, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Swiss Political Science Review, Comparative European Studies, Journal of Common Market Studies, and Eastern European Politics and Societies. She has also authored several book chapters on far right politics in France and co-authored the book ‘Flexible Europe: Differentiated integration, Fairness and Democracy’ (Bristol University Press, 2022). Her book ‘Europe as Ideological Resource: European Integration and Far Right Legitimation’ (Oxford University Press) is to come out in 2024. 

Marta is a regular contributor to the LSE Europp blog and has written for Ideology, Theory and Practice, OpenDemocracy, EuVisions, the LSE Brexit Blog and the CARR Insights blog.

She holds a PhD from the London School of Economics and a dual Master’s degree in European Studies from Sciences Po Paris and the LSE. Before joining the LSE she studied Political Science in Sciences Po Paris and in Charles University in Prague.

Expertise Details

Far Right Parties; Political Ideologies; Euroscepticism; European Union; Differentiated Integration; French Politics.