Emanuele Errichiello

Emanuele Errichiello

PhD candidate

Department of International Relations

Office Hours
Fridays 11am - 12noon (at CBG.6.14)
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English, Italian, Spanish
Key Expertise
ENP, EU foreign & trade policy, political & economic sociology, IR theory

About me

Emanuele is an ESRC PhD Scholar in the Department of International Relations, LSE and a Guest Teacher in European Political Economy in the European Institute, LSE. He was born and raised in Italy before moving to the UK to pursue his university degrees. He holds a master’s degree in European Public Policy from LSE, completed in December 2020.

Prior to commencing his doctoral research, Emanuele worked on multiple institutional projects in Rome, Italy, focusing specifically on the Next Generation EU, on the CoFoE, and on EU programmes implementation in Italy.

He is currently a non-resident Research Fellow at the Centro Studi Internazionali – an independent think-tank in Italy – where he works on EU affairs and coordinates the research group on the EU. He also publishes articles, blog opinions, reports and book chapters for a variety of Italian and European think-tanks, research centers and magazines.

Research topic

EUROMED relations from a praxeological perspective

Teaching experience

European Political Economy (European Institute, LSE) - Guest Teacher

Academic supervisor

Federica Bicchi 

Research Cluster affliation

International Political Economy Research Cluster

Theory/Area/History Research Cluster


Expertise Details

Emanuele’s research focuses on the ENP; specifically on the EU’s political and economic relations with its Southern neighbourhood. He is also interested in IR theories; and in political and economic sociology.

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