Emanuele Errichiello

Emanuele Errichiello

PhD candidate

Department of International Relations

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English, French, Italian, Spanish
Key Expertise
ENP, EU foreign & trade policy, political & economic sociology, IR theory

About me

Emanuele is an ESRC PhD Scholar in the Department of International Relations, LSE and a Guest Teacher in European Political Economy in the European Institute, LSE. His research focuses on Euro-Mediterranean political and economic relations. 

Prior to commencing his doctoral research, he worked on multiple institutional projects in Rome, Italy, focusing specifically on the Next Generation EU, on the Conference on the Future of Europe, and on EU programmes implementation in Italy.

Emanuele is a non-resident Research Fellow at the Centro Studi Internazionali – an independent think-tank in Italy – where he coordinates the research group on the EU. He also publishes articles, blog opinions and reports for a variety of Italian and European think-tanks, research centres and magazines. In 2019, he was editor-in-chief of the Global Europe Centre’s Special Issue “Europe in the World”, funded by COMPASS and the GCRF, through a partnership project between the University of Kent and the University of Cambridge.

He has recently been honoured with the 2023 Nova Award, recognising him among Italy's top 10 high-potential young individuals in the field of social sciences, and including him in the 2023 Nova 111 List powered by SDA Bocconi.

Public and Policy Engagement

Emanuele participates in numerous European and international policy and economic fora, speaking on topics broadly related to EU’s economic and external affairs. He is often invited by European media for interviews and expert opinions. Since 2020, he has worked on a number of institutional policy projects, in particular in collaboration with Department for European Policies of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Italy.

Research topic

Euro-Mediterranean relations from a praxeological perspective

Teaching experience

  • European Political Economy (European Institute, LSE) - Guest Teacher
  • IR101 Contemporary Issues in International Relations
  • IR201 Power Shift: the West, the BRICS and the Crisis in the Liberal International Order?

Academic supervisor

Federica Bicchi 

Research Cluster affliation

International Political Economy Research Cluster

Theory/Area/History Research Cluster

Further Research

  • (Work in progress) ‘Practices of Securitization in the Digital Field: a Computational Comparative Analysis of Elite and non-Elite practices in Western Europe’. With Giuliano Formisano (Oxford).
  • Report: ‘The Ukrainian crisis from an EU perspective’ in Comparative Perspectives on Crisis Management, CSI Special Issue (2022), pp, 3-8. Presented at the European Economic Forum in Karpacz, Sept 2022.
  • Chapter: ‘Napoli e il Mezzogiorno in Europa: sviluppo e prospettive politico-economiche’ in De Notaris, F. et al (2020). Avere Memoria, Costruire il Futuro. Naples: La scuola di Pitagora press.
  • Errichiello, E. (2020). 'Derrida e la crisi dell'Europa come discorso della modernità: riflessioni su L’Autre Cap'. Magazine Agenda – Treccani. Online source available
  • Errichiello, E. (2020). 'Politiche economiche in tempi di crisi: il Covid-19 e l’unità europea'. Magazine Agenda – Treccani. Online source available

Expertise Details

Emanuele’s research focuses on the ENP; specifically on the EU’s political and economic relations with its Southern neighbourhood. He is also interested in IR theories; and in political and economic sociology.

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