MSc Alumni

Bastian Steuwer (2014–2015)

7 December 2015|

Studying the MSc in Philosophy of the Social Sciences has been a truly rewarding and magnificent experience for me. I joined LSE, with a background in philosophy which was very historical. Studying my master at LSE helped me tremendously to get to the cutting edge of analytical philosophy and understand what is currently debated, something which I felt I […]

Sven Gerst (2013–2014)

30 June 2015|

Joining the LSE in order to pursue the MSc in Philosophy of the Social Sciences has not only been a challenging, inspiring, and deeply enriching experience, but also an excellent preparation for my subsequent doctoral studies. The combination of coursework and individual research within the MSc programme has enabled me to gain knowledge and insights into a wide array […]

Licong Liu (2013–2014)

7 January 2015|

The time I spent studying MSc in Philosophy and Public Policy at the LSE has been both pleasant and rewarding. I thoroughly enjoyed the wide range of literatures that I was exposed to, as well as the inspiring philosophical discussions I had with professors and fellow classmates. I was constantly impressed and inspired by the academic rigor here.  Yet […]

Rikke Sommer (2013–2014)

7 January 2015|

I followed the program MSc Philosophy and Public Policy in 2013-14 as a full-time student. My program comprised of the courses Philosophy and Public Policy, Evidence and Scientific Methods, Organisational and Business Ethics and an outside option, Organizational Behaviour. I finish with a dissertation where I developed a justification for corporatized companies.

I joined the philosophy department with a background […]

Rob Graumans (2013–2014)

5 December 2014|

I learned a lot during my MSc Philosophy of Science at the LSE. At my arrival, I knew I had the philosophical, creative intuition that is so important to come up with new and challenging ideas. However, my reasoning was not firm enough to really hit the nail on the head. I needed a lot of words to say […]

Philippe van Basshuysen (2013–2014)

3 December 2014|

Pursuing this MSc at the LSE is an excellent experience. There is a fair division between taught courses and a research project, leading to your dissertation. This gives students the opportunity to acquire new or deepen existing knowledge in a field as well as to dip into the fascinating experience of developing your own ideas and approaches to tackle […]

Udit Ranjan (2013–2014)

25 November 2014|

The MSc Economics and Philosophy programme is an unparalleled course offering at the LSE. The course comprises two full-unit subjects from the Economics department, which provide a mathematical and methodological insight into core topics in economic theory.

The highlight of the programme is the philosophy counterpart, wherein the programme’s approach and the skills one develops differ significantly from those in […]

Leah Downey (2013–2014)

24 November 2014|

My time as an MSc student in Economics and Philosophy at the LSE was enlightening—it was an integral step for me towards making the decision to apply to PhD programmes in Political Theory. I came into the MSc programme with a background in Mathematics and Economics and an interest in Philosophy. The synthesis of these topics into one […]

Célia Zermatten (2013–2014)

24 November 2014|

After having a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Finance, choosing the MSc Economics and Philosophy was the impossible to miss opportunity to answer fundamental questions I accumulated during my previous studies (What are the links between morality and markets? Should “everything” be sold? Does it matter that economic models have false assumptions?) while at the same time deepening […]

Charles Djordjevic (2012–2013)

29 September 2013|

My time at the LSE was an amazingly stimulating and fruitful period, both academically and personally. Professionally, before the LSE, I had been doing International development work with the US Peace Corps in Azerbaijan. The LSE provided a forum wherein I could develop and crystallize my own thinking about the logic- and limits- of international development and human rights […]