My time as an MSc student in Economics and Philosophy at the LSE was enlightening—it was an integral step for me towards making the decision to apply to PhD programmes in Political Theory. I came into the MSc programme with a background in Mathematics and Economics and an interest in Philosophy. The synthesis of these topics into one degree was uniquely suitable for me.

Taking both master’s level courses in Economics and master’s level courses in Philosophy allowed me to compare and contrast the academic experiences of each discipline. Furthermore, the dissertation workshop made up exclusively of MSc students in Economics and Philosophy allowed us to combine these in some ways polar academic experiences, and explore the area between the disciplines. This was the most interesting part of the degree for me.

Overall I am very happy to have participated in this programme. The faculty associated with the MSc in Economics and Philosophy are supportive and engaging. Furthermore, the programme is open-minded and flexible. My experience was particularly rewarding because I was able to take courses pertaining to my area of interest in the Economic History department. Furthermore, I easily found an adviser for my master’s dissertation who was interested in what I wanted to study. Working with him was great because it felt not only like he was supporting me and pushing me towards a better dissertation, but also that he was gaining new knowledge and ideas from our work together.

The LSE is an exciting place, one which houses an energetic group of academics interested in the intersection of Economics and Philosophy. I would recommend the programme to anyone interested in that unique intersection of academia.