The time I spent studying MSc in Philosophy and Public Policy at the LSE has been both pleasant and rewarding. I thoroughly enjoyed the wide range of literatures that I was exposed to, as well as the inspiring philosophical discussions I had with professors and fellow classmates. I was constantly impressed and inspired by the academic rigor here.  Yet the best part of this programme is its people – the faculty and my fellow classmates are among the most intelligent, interesting and kind people that I’ve ever came across in the past few years.

Upon completing the degree, I started my career as a banking analyst at Citibank’s Canary Wharf office in London. This Philosophy degree from LSE definitely gave me the edge to stand out from the usual business crowd. Besides that, I am also benefiting from the analytical skills I developed through studying PPP for my new role. Finally, I am grateful for all the help from Dr. Luc Bovens, Dr. Alex Voorhoeve and the department for my transition from school to the professional world.