I followed the program MSc Philosophy and Public Policy in 2013-14 as a full-time student. My program comprised of the courses Philosophy and Public Policy, Evidence and Scientific Methods, Organisational and Business Ethics and an outside option, Organizational Behaviour. I finish with a dissertation where I developed a justification for corporatized companies.

I joined the philosophy department with a background in political science. Philosophy was therefore a new discipline to me and felt at first very foreign. However, as I discovered along the way, as long as you have a willingness to learn, an interest in practical application of your knowledge and possess a curiosity about the world, you are very good fit for philosophy. Many students were new-born philosophers just like me and our mixed backgrounds came to be one of the greatest contributions to the discussions and to my learning. In discussion with my fellow students, each with a different view of the world and with a different nationality, I truly have broadened my view of many subjects, gotten more secure in my own views and now have the skills to express them and be understood. The diversity among us also gave a great cohesiveness and brought extra colour to our dinners, beers at George’s and nights out in town – but that is another story.

Leaving LSE and the philosophy department, I return to Copenhagen, Denmark, to complete my other master in political science at University of Copenhagen. Parallel to writing my thesis there, I join a consultancy to work part time with the public sector as my field. When I finish studies in April 2015, I start a full-time position in the same company as a junior consultant.