MSc Alumni

Alexandra Serenhov (2015–2016)

9 March 2017|

I would strongly recommend anyone to pursue a MSc in Philosophy of Science at the LSE. The intellectual challenge in combination with brilliant professors and classmates contributed to making this an experience for life. Worth to note is also that I found this degree tremendously useful when applying for jobs in the tech industry later on. A strong foundation […]

Jemima Welsh (2015–2016)

6 March 2017|

The MSc in Philosophy and Public Policy is a unique blend of theoretical and practical analysis, giving you wide scope to think deeply and critically about issues that press on the public consciousness. I found the subject material relevant and engaging, the assessment tasks challenging, and the lecturers supportive in their tireless attempts to push you further. I’ve broadened […]

Pujan Modi (2015–2016)

6 March 2017|

The MSc in Economics & Philosophy is the perfect degree for anyone interested in a more complete education in economics, which should investigate both the philosophical underpinnings and quantitative rigour of the subject. I was particularly impressed with how relevant the philosophy courses were to my understanding of economics. The programme and courses are designed to draw on the […]

Matías Reeves (2014–2015)

17 August 2016|

My time at the LSE was incredible. To live in London is a lifetime experience, but especially if you are doing something you love. The MSc in Philosophy and Public Policy (PPP) was exactly what I was looking for. After six years working on education, and in the middle of years of public debate in Chile, I decided that […]

Danielle Cohen Henriquez (2014–2015)

6 May 2016|

I would strongly recommend the MSc Philosophy and Public Policy [PPP] to anyone who wants to drill public policy issues down to their philosophical foundations. In my job as a policy officer the PPP programme still provides a guide to clear my thinking and ask the relevant (often-forgotten) moral questions.

The programme is interdisciplinary with a clear conceptual core. The […]

Elma Dujso (2014–2015)

14 April 2016|

Studying Philosophy and Public Policy at the LSE has been an amazing and rewarding experience. I have enjoyed being surrounded by inspiring and ambitious people as well as being part of a small faculty where professors are approachable and supportive. The programme has taught me to apply moral and political philosophical perspectives underlying public policy debates across multiple policy […]

Clarissa Kayser (2014–2015)

14 December 2015|

The MSc Economics & Philosophy programme strikes the perfect balance between quantitative analysis and philosophical argument. By requiring the participation in two economics courses together with the MSc Economics students, and in two philosophy courses together with the other MSc Philosophy students, it provides a truly interdisciplinary curriculum. I really felt I got to enjoy the best of both […]

James Snowden (2014–2015)

9 December 2015|

The MSC Economics & Philosophy is a truly interdisciplinary graduate programme. There is an impressive range of philosophy courses to choose from, most with some relevance to economics and the social sciences, and the economics courses are shared with the MSc Economics programme. As well as your chosen courses, there is also a weekly seminar just for the programme […]

Emma Langley (2014–2015)

7 December 2015|

My time at LSE was one of the best experiences I’ve had. Not only was I introduced to a field of study which is now my life passion, but since graduating I have also taken up a career in an area which allows me to put my studies into practice on a daily basis.

Claudio Columbano (2014–2015)

7 December 2015|

I chose the MSc in Philosophy of the Social Sciences offered by LSE because I wanted to understand what distinguishes a scientific description of the world from a non-scientific one. The exposure I received to various approaches to scientific explanation in social disciplines such as economics and sociology was more thorough and deep than I could ever have expected.

LSE […]