Studying the MSc in Philosophy of the Social Sciences has been a truly rewarding and magnificent experience for me. I joined LSE, with a background in philosophy which was very historical. Studying my master at LSE helped me tremendously to get to the cutting edge of analytical philosophy and understand what is currently debated, something which I felt I was lacking during my bachelor.

Most master courses are designed topically. Every week we treated one particular debate. The courses had an extremely demanding workload. But even more so they were extremely rewarding, because after each week I had the impression to have a good grasp on what the current state of debate is. Even more so, I had some ideas what my own take on the topic was. The professors at LSE are extremely encouraging one to strive for original and creative arguments and extremely helpful in providing feedback on one’s work and ideas.

All master courses are divided into lectures and seminars. The lectures are helpful to clarify the background and to solve potential misunderstandings. This way there is more time to discuss the material in seminar. And usually there is plenty to discuss in seminar, because the best part of my LSE experience have been my fellow students. I could not have imagined more brilliant, passionate, and engaging colleagues. Not too seldom discussions in the classroom continued afterwards over lunch or over drinks in the evening. Frequently we discussed our own work in progress (essays, dissertation etc.) and offered each other help without becoming overly “competitive” or selfish.

The MSc in Philosophy of the Social Sciences is a great choice. It allows for great flexibility to pursue one’s own interest in philosophy of the social sciences and other areas of philosophy. I focused mostly on moral and political philosophy, but also philosophy of economics (a course almost unique at LSE which I can only recommend). The programme also allows to take outside options (I took a law course). At the moment I am missing philosophy and studying a master’s in law. I hope to be able to return to philosophy for a PhD and maybe more.