The MSc Economics and Philosophy programme is an unparalleled course offering at the LSE. The course comprises two full-unit subjects from the Economics department, which provide a mathematical and methodological insight into core topics in economic theory.

The highlight of the programme is the philosophy counterpart, wherein the programme’s approach and the skills one develops differ significantly from those in economics. The Department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method offers a wide variety of subjects to choose from – with topics including the philosophy of science, rationality, and moral and political philosophy. The Philosophy of Economics course discusses and criticizes several aspects of economics, including aspects such as cost-benefit analysis that are widely employed by professional economists. Apart from this, I studied Philosophy and Public Policy, which undertakes enquiry into burning contemporary public policy issues – including healthcare, the state-backed practice of torture, privacy and patents.

These courses taught me to systematically question the issues at hand. Often, I would consider and re-consider my own opinions on the subjects. Lectures and seminars were quite exciting, sometimes resulting in almost-heated debates. Having no background in the subject, I found the readings a bit difficult at first, but extremely rewarding. The regular feedback on written coursework provided by the Department is a tremendous support and helped me understand the course objectives better. Overall, it’s a five-out-of-five experience!