After having a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Finance, choosing the MSc Economics and Philosophy was the impossible to miss opportunity to answer fundamental questions I accumulated during my previous studies (What are the links between morality and markets? Should “everything” be sold? Does it matter that economic models have false assumptions?) while at the same time deepening my knowledge in core economics courses such as Econometrics and Microeconomics.

If I was first worried about my possible weaknesses in philosophy, I found among my professors and classmates all the support I needed, if not more. People were truly open-minded and valued each other’s opinion. Thanks to this supportive environment, the quality and the depth of the discussions during seminars were outstanding. On top of this, I particularly enjoyed writing my master thesis which gave me the opportunity to apply my new “philosophical tools” on some economic topics I always wanted to analyse further.

After this year, I can confidently say that rigorous education in core areas of philosophy relevant to economics will help me use economic information and models with a much better critical mind and discernment – essential skills in a fast-changing economic world.