Joining the LSE in order to pursue the MSc in Philosophy of the Social Sciences has not only been a challenging, inspiring, and deeply enriching experience, but also an excellent preparation for my subsequent doctoral studies. The combination of coursework and individual research within the MSc programme has enabled me to gain knowledge and insights into a wide array of topics, from economics to moral and political philosophy, while at the same time learning how to apply rigorous philosophical analysis. Coming from an economics background, the steep learning curve facilitated by the combination of weekly lectures and seminar discussions as well as the low student-to-teacher ration has provided me with the unique opportunity to be brought up to speed in almost no time. Moreover, the stimulating environment within the department and the university itself offers students a wide range of extracurricular activities to choose from, such as public lectures held by leading academics from all over the world and various society activities.

Furthermore, the mandatory dissertation seminar has been of particular value to me in developing and designing my own research project. Being challenged by professors and fellow students in a conference-style presentation at the end of the year has been an excellent preparation for my future work in academia. In fact, my MSc dissertation on individual moral responsibility within the realm of global capitalism has led to the final research proposal of my PhD studies.

Even after finishing my degree at LSE, I have received plenty of support from professors and staff. In particular, I am thankful to Mike Otsuka, Gabriel Wollner, and Alex Voorhoeve for their guidance. They have provided me with helpful feedback on my writing sample and personal statements, as well as important advice during the crucial stages of the admission process.

After being lucky enough to have received several offers, I ultimately decided to join the Political Economy Department at King’s College London to pursue doctoral research on matters of global distributive justice—a topic I developed a passion for and became very much engaged in during my time at LSE.

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