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PhD Programme in Law: Current research

The opportunity to undertake advanced legal research at one of the world's best law schools.

Current PhD students in the Law Department are listed below (alphabetically by surname). Click on the student's name for further details. For more information about our research interests, see Research. See also our list of completed PhDs.

Shree Agnihotri
'Hannah Arendt's Constitutional Theory' [provisional title]

Fatima Ahdash
'Examining the Recent Interaction Between Family Law and Counter-Terrorism.'

Sina Akbari
'Private Law and the Demands of Justice'

Omotola Ariyo
'Legal Issues in the regulation and adjudication of OTC Derivatives' [provisional] 

Jacob van de Beeten
'Legal imagination of law and integration: a genealogy of EU law authority' [provisional]

Aleksandra Bojovic
'The World Trade Organization and Tanzania: An Assessment of the Relationship Between Increased Global Trade and Environmental Degradation'

Irene Claeys
'Trajectories in Basel's Risk Regimes in the Evolution Towards Modern Banking'

Stephanie Classmann
'Criminal Law as Political Compromise: A Realist Rebuttal to Liberal Theories of Criminalisation'

Mackenzie Common
'Human Rights Issues in Social Media Content Moderation'

Alexander Damianos
'Legislating the Anthropocene: science and law in the ratification of a new Geological Time Chart'

Parashar Das
'International Law: A Language of Expertise' [provisional title]

Jonathan Fisher
'The dynamics of corporate criminal conduct in the commercial and financial sectors'

Ilan Gafni
'Liability of Public Bodies in Negligence – A Corrective Justice Analysis'

Sebastian Gazmuri Barker
'In search for tax progressiveness in developing countries' [provisional title]

Geetanjali Ganguly
'The role of climate change litigation in the advancement of climate justice and human rights' [provisional title]

Mireia Garcés de Marcilla Musté
'Body modifications, normality, and the law' [provisional title]

Deniz Gedik
'Calling the Ghost of Human Rights: The Right to Resistance to Oppression'

Raphael Girard
'Populism, Power, and Legitimacy: The Role of Judges in an Age of Distrust' [provisional title]

Benjamin Goh
'Print, Authorship and Literary Property in the German Enlightenment'

Priya S. Gupta
'Financial Capitalism and the Governance of Urban Space' [provisional title]

Michelle Hughes
'The Judicialization of Conflict and the Art of War'

Carly A. Krakow
'The Role of International Law for Protecting the Human Rights of People Impacted by Environmental Crimes in Contexts of Statelessness, Displacement, and Armed Conflict' [provisional title]

Shingira Masanzu
'Understanding the factors that lead to “bad” deal-making by African governments and towards a human-rights based approach to better deal-making' [provisional]

Vittoria Mastrandrea
'Export Controls for Cultural Goods in the United Kingdom: A Critical Analysis' [provisional title]

Rachna Matabudul
'International tax policy and dispute resolution: lessons from the Law of the Sea'

Tanmay Misra
'Corruption and the "License Raj": An Alternative Inquiry' [provisional title]

Callum Musto
'States' regulatory powers and the turn to public law in international investment arbitration'

Viknes Muthiah
'Constituting the Worker in International Law' [provisional title]

Paul Newman
'The reporting of nisi prius cases: origins and effects'

Katherine Nolan
'The individual in EU data protection law'

Mattia Pinto
'Human Rights as Sources of Penality'

Bob Roth
'New Beginnings in European Constitutional Thought' [provisional]

Valeria Ruiz
[title to be confirmed]

Roberto Russo
'The Legal Ramifications of Narrative Disclosures’ Language' [provisional title]

Morris Schonberg
'The Interplay between Objectives and Effects in Defining State Aid and Subsidies'

Alexandra Sinclair
'Automated decision-making by the state'

Joanne Sonin
'The transforming nature of shareholders: corporate behaviour, financial markets, and legal frameworks'

Mikolaj Szafrański
'International Law and the Zero Waste - Circular Economy Agenda'

John Taggart
'Examining the role of the intermediary in the criminal justice system'

Francesca Uberti
'Vaccine Opposition at the Age of Web 2.0: A Study on Virtual Communities, Online Participation and Risk Perception' [provisional title]

Winluck Wahiu
Constitutional implementation and informal politics in Kenya and South Africa.

Fletch Williams
'Regulating Private Military Companies: Closing the Gaps in International Law' [provisional title]