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PhD Programme in Law: Current research

The opportunity to undertake advanced legal research at one of the world's best law schools.

Current PhD students at LSE Law School are listed below (alphabetically by surname). Click on the student's name for further details. For more information about our research interests, see Research.

See also our list of recently completed PhD theses.


Shree Agnihotri
'Hannah Arendt's Constitutional Theory'

Daniela Arantes Prata
'Corporate behaviour, compliance and the environment: A Latin American perspective'

Omotola Ariyo
'Legal Issues in the regulation and adjudication of OTC Derivatives'

Thomas Bagshaw
'Entrepreneurial futures: social enterprise, development and human rights'

Jacob van de Beeten
'Legal imagination of law and integration: a genealogy of EU law authority'

Aleksandra Bojovic
'The World Trade Organization and Tanzania: An Assessment of the Relationship Between Increased Global Trade and Environmental Degradation'

Jakub Bokes
‘Basis in Natural History: Towards a Historical Materialist Theory of Environmental Law’

Lauren Bursey
'Preventing the Sale of Looted Antiquities by Non-State Actors: a comparative analysis of International Law and national legislation in the United Kingdom, United States, and the European Union' 

Stephanie Classmann
'What We Do to Each Other: Criminal Law for Political Realists'

Niall Conlon
'Potential UK legal and Regulatory Path Dependency in Prohibitions against Insider Trading and Market Abuse; a project to review the legal theoretical and doctrinal foundations of insider trading prohibitions and information-based market abuse under UK law'

Pascual Cortés
'The politics of police militarisation in Chile'

Parashar Das
'International Law: A Language of Expertise'

Cüneyd Erbay
'Legal Pluralism and the Codification of the Late Ottoman Empire: A Re-imagination of Imperial Political Authority ‎and Legal Thought'

Sebastian Gazmuri Barker
'In search for tax progressiveness in developing countries'

Mireia Garcés de Marcilla Musté
'Designing, Fixing and Mutilating the Vulva'

Deniz Gedik
'Calling the Ghost of Human Rights: The Right to Resistance to Oppression'

Michelle Hughes
'The Cost of Compliance: The Judicialization of Conflict and the Art of War’

Louise Damkjær Ibsen
'Regulatory challenges in the light of FinTech'

Carly A. Krakow
'The Role of International Law for Protecting the Human Rights of People Impacted by Environmental Crimes in Contexts of Statelessness, Displacement, and Armed Conflict'

Shingira Masanzu
'Understanding the factors that shape infrastructure deal-making by African governments and exploring human-rights based approaches to deal-making'

Vittoria Mastrandrea
'Export Controls for Cultural Goods in the United Kingdom: A Critical Analysis'

Tanmay Misra
'Corruption and the "License Raj": An Alternative Inquiry' 

Dimitris Moragiorgas
'Nonrandom Walks of Knowledge, Wide Epistemic Responsibility, and Criminal Blameworthiness'

Reem Moustafa
'The Culture of Impunity and the Regulatory Framework Protecting Cultural Property from Illicit Trafficking'

Viknes Muthiah
'Constituting the Worker in International Law'

Nakul Nayak
'Technology and Constitutional Change'

Paul Newman
'The reporting of nisi prius cases: origins and effects'

Katherine Nolan
'The individual in EU data protection law'

Pedro Pereira de Morais Pacheco
'The uncertainty problem: how the limitations of human knowledge impact the adjudication of constitutional rights (and what should be done about it).'

Leonardo Rivera Mendoza
'Resistance, Dignity and Purpose: Encountering ‘Self-Determination’ and ‘Development’ with a Garífuna Community in Honduras'

Bob Roth
'New Beginnings in European Constitutional Thought'

Valeria Ruiz
[title to be confirmed]

Roberto Russo
'The Legal Ramifications of Narrative Disclosures’ Language' 

Shukri Shahizam
'The use of foreign law by Eastminster apex courts in public law adjudication'

Alexandra Sinclair
'Automated decision-making by the state'

Spyros Syrrakos
'Data Protection Law and Proportionality in the Digital Era: A Re-Conceptualisation: Reasoning, Frictions and Operationalisation' 

Mikolaj Szafrański
'International law and global waste governance: the making and discarding of smartphones'

Winluck Wahiu
Constitutional implementation and informal politics in Kenya and South Africa.

Fletch Williams
'Regulating Private Military Companies: Closing the Gaps in International Law'