Shukri Shahizam

PhD Student in Law

LSE Law School

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English, Malay
Key Expertise
Public law

About me

Thesis title:

'The use of foreign law by Eastminster apex courts in public law adjudication' [provisional title] 


Professor Tom Poole and Dr Jo Murkens

Research interests

Comparative constitutional law, administrative law, Malaysian public law

Shukri Shahizam is a first-year PhD Candidate in law. He holds an LLB from the LSE and an LLM from the University of Cambridge. He also completed the Barrister Training Course at BPP Law School.

His research investigates how the Malaysian Federal Court and the Indian Supreme Court use foreign law in their public law adjudication and explores the impact foreign law has had on the formation of substantive public law in both jurisdictions.

Shukri has a wide range of experience in Malaysian law, including with civil liberties NGOs, counsel’s chambers, and the Chief Justice of Malaysia. He is a research assistant to Professor Carol Harlow and is an independent researcher for the Malaysian Centre for Independent Journalism for information law. Finally, he is a Managing Editor for the Malaysian Public Law blog, and Alumni Editor for the LSE Law Review, where he was formerly Editor-in-Chief.

Awards / Scholarships:

LSE PhD Studentship (2021-2025)