Samuel Hickey

PhD Student

LSE Law School

Key Expertise
Foreign relations law, Anti-corruption, anti-money laundering

About me

Thesis Title

'Extraterritoriality and corporate crime'


Professor Jeremy Horder and Dr Devika Hovell

Research Interests

Foreign relations law, Anti-corruption, anti-money laundering, sanctions, antitrust, extraterritoriality, jurisdiction, criminal law, corporate law, corporate criminal law, public international law. 

Sam’s research focuses on the intersection between extraterritorial jurisdiction and corporate crime. He studied and practised law in both Australia and the United States, has published in U.S., U.K. and Australian law journals, and has been cited by appellate courts in Australia and New Zealand.

Along with Professor Simon Bronitt and Jordan English, he is the co-author of Federal Proceeds of Crime Law (to be published by Thomson Reuters in December 2024).