Niall Conlon

PhD Student in Law

LSE Law School

Key Expertise
Financial law and Regulation, Corporate law, Corporate Governance

About me

Thesis title

'Potential UK legal and Regulatory Path Dependency in Prohibitions against Insider Trading and Market Abuse; a project to review the legal theoretical and doctrinal foundations of insider trading prohibitions and information-based market abuse under UK law'


Edmund Schuster and Professor Sarah Paterson

Research interests/areas

Corporate law; Corporate Fiduciary law, Capital Markets / Securities law, Financial law and Regulation; Fraud, Insider Dealing (Trading) / Information based market manipulation in Public Securities Markets 

Niall Conlon is a PhD candidate at the law department of LSE, where he is in receipt of the LSE PHD Studentship. Niall holds an LL.M (Distinction) with a focus on Financial Law and Regulation from the LSE.  Niall’s research focuses on the legal and economic theoretical and doctrinal basis for and purpose of the current UK framework regarding insider dealing (trading) and information-based market manipulation in public securities markets.  Niall’s research aims to investigate whether the current legal and regulatory framework is efficient with respect to its purpose and aims, as well as to consider, in particular with regard to advancements in information technology, the viability of potential alternatives to better achieve its purpose and aims. 

Affiliations / Memberships

Solicitor (England and Wales), The Law Society of England and Wales,  

Member, Inner Temple