Florian Wetzlaugk

Florian Wetzlaugk

PhD Student in Law

LSE Law School

English, German
Key Expertise
Constitutional theory, Comparative Constitutional Law

About me

Thesis title

'The Deconstitutionalization and Politicization of Constitutional Law'


Professor Kai Möller and Professor Jo Murkens

Research Interests

Constitutional theory, Comparative Constitutional Law

Florian is a PhD Researcher at LSE law school. His current research engages with constitutional specificity, national identity, democratic legitimacy and the nature of constitutional law.

Before joining LSE Florian studied and researched in Germany, the Netherlands and the United States. He has worked for and with multiple professors, namely Mattias Wendel (2018-2021, Bielefeld and Leipzig), Silja Vöneky (2021-2022, Freiburg), Margaretha Wewerinke-Singh (2022, Leiden) and Tarun Khaitan (2022, NYU). Moreover, he has taught constitutional law at the University of Bielefeld and founded the Refugee Law Clinic there.

Florian holds an undergraduate law degree (state exam) from the University of Bielefeld and the University of Freiburg and an LLM from New York University.

Awards / Scholarships

LSE PhD Studentship 2023-2027

Deutschland Stipendium 2019-2021