Mr Pascual Cortés

Mr Pascual Cortés

PhD Student in Law

LSE Law School

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English, Spanish
Key Expertise
Policing; Sociolegal Studies; Public Law; Human Rights; Criminology

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Thesis title

‘Imagining police character: the case of the Chilean Carabineros’ [provisional title]


Professor Peter Ramsay and Dr Richard Martin

Research interests

Policing; Sociolegal Studies; Public Law; Criminology; Human Rights; Legal and Political Theory; Migration Law

Pascual is a PhD candidate in Law at LSE. He holds an LLB from University of Chile and an LLM from the LSE.

His research aims to explore how police institutions build their institutional identity and to what extent this process is connected to the construction and imagination of the nation-state. Using Chile as a case study, the project also seeks to contribute to answering questions about the nature and role of the police as well as their relationship to the law and the constitution.