Parashar Das

PhD Student

Department of Law

About me

Thesis Title

'International Law: A Language of Expertise' [provisional]


Professor Gerry Simpson and Dr Devika Hovell

Research Interests

Public International Law, Legal and Social Theory, Philosophy of International Law, Global Governance, Expert Knowledge, Political Philosophy

Parashar Das is a PhD candidate in Public International Law at the LSE Law Department. He completed his undergraduate legal training at University of Adelaide before pursuing theoretical questions across human rights, judicial reasoning, medical ethics and international law & international relations in his LLM program at University of Melbourne. Prior to LSE Law, Parashar pursued journalism in international affairs, Aboriginal issues and asylum seeker detention practices. He was an editorial intern at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s foreign bureau in Washington DC and has worked as a policy officer for Uphold & Recognise to develop policy options for the constitutional recognition of Australia’s Indigenous peoples.

Parashar’s PhD research is investigating the intersection between international law and expertise in global institutions. He is asking whether expert activity invites us to rethink the authority of global governance institutions in our technocratic age.