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Quick links for November & December to our public events and seminars

24 November 2022 LSE LAG Fire-side conversation with Patrick Mears

29 November 2022 BTI V Sequana: Creditor-oriented duties in company law

30 November 2022 A theory of boilerplate in international agreements

1 December 2022 Demystifying the Characteristics and Security of Digital Assets, Cryptoassets and Cryptocurrencies

1 December 2022 The climate change turn in human rights

6 Dececember 2022 Doing justice to expectations of being heard

7 December 2022 “In the name of the Holy Trinity”: Credibility under anarchy through three centuries of treaty-making

7 December 2022 Report of the Commission on Taxation and Welfare: Main lessons

Public Events from 2021/22

1. Ukraine, the Ethics of Client Selection, and the Limits of Lawyering (March 2022)

2. Ukraine and the Effectiveness of Financial Sanctions (March 2022)

3. The Invasion of Ukraine and the European Union (March 2022)

4. Solutions to the Ukrainian Crisis and the Politics of International Law (March 2022)


5. How to get away with killing? A social science counter-investigation (December 2021)


6. LRIL Annual Lecture: Moving Oil with Laleh Khalili (September 2021)



Public Events from 2020/21 

Listen back to our major public events hosted by LSE Law School in 2020/21, including events from the Shaping the Post-COVID World Initiative.

1. What is to be done about Fake News in Politics? (May 2021)

fake news

2. Celebrating Ruth Bader Ginsburg 1933-2020 (March 2021)


3.Working From Home: legal issues arising from the 'new normal' (November 2020)

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4. Occupying the Pedestal: cultural heritage, protest and the law (October 2020)


5. The State of Emergency as the Rule and Not the Exception: crisis conditions and exploitative lawmaking during COVID-19 and beyond (October 2020)

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6. Is it Time to Cancel Household Debt? (October 2020)

post covid  event747x560




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