LSE Graduates

Alumni Focus

Our alumni community is one we are immensely proud of! EI alumni go on to have amazing experiences: pursuing their passions and making society a better place worldwide. It’s always exciting to hear what our alumni have been up to – here we highlight some of our alumni who are making an impact beyond the European Institute.

If you feel there's an EI alum whose work should be in focus - a friend, an old colleague, or even yourself - please get in touch and let us know.



Eve de Saint Jores

Class of 2011
MSc in European Political Economy

Eve is the Director of Americas at M.Chapoutier, a winery based in the Rhône region in France.



Ivana Kottasova

Class of 2012
Msc Politics and Government in the European Union

Ivana is a Digital News Producer at CNN.



Tim Decker

Class of 2012
MSc Politics and Government in the European Union

Tim works in Global Elections Integrity at Google.



Owen Wong

Class of 2017
MSc EU Politics

Owen is a Political Officer at the British Consulate-General Hong Kong with the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO).



Michelangelo Bruno

Class of 2015
MSc Political Economy of Europe 

Michelangelo works as a National Seconded Policy Expert at the European Banking Authority.



Myriam Castello

Class of 2016
MSc Politics and Government in the EU (Double Degree)

Myriam is an International Development Officer at SUEZ: an organisation committted to sustainable development.



Laurenz Mathei

Class of 2017
MSc Political Economy of Europe

Laurenz is the Founding Partner and Managing Director of PEACS, a political economic consultancy.



Natasha Burroughs

Class of 2009
MSc European Politics and Governance

Natasha is a sustainability strategy, comms and private-public partnerships specialist.



Cheryl Carvalho

Class of 2019
MSc Global Europe: Culture and Conflict

Cheryl works in the Department for Transport within the UK Civil Service.



Tobias Mac-Lean

Class of 2017
MSc Political Economy of Europe

Tobias is a Senior Policy Officer for the kENUP Foundation.



Petar Traykov

Class of 2014
MSc Political Economy of Europe

Petar works in the financial services advisory sector at UBS.



Marion Laboure

Class of 2009 & 2012
MSc in European Politics & Governance; MRes in Economics

Marion is a Senior Economist at Deutsche Bank, and lectures at Harvard University.


Patrick Lunz_square

Patrick Lunz

Class of 2012
MSc European Political Economy (Double Degree)

Patrick serves as speechwriter and advisor for strategic communications to the President of the Federal Republic of Germany.



Darlyn Buchwitz

Class of 2019
MSc EU Politics

Darlyn works as an Election Campaign Manager for CDU Deutchslands.



Yana Popkostova

Class of 2009
MSc European Politics and Governance

Yana is the Founder and Managing Director of the European Centre for Energy and Geopolitical Analysis. 



Patrick Girasole

Class of 2013
MSc Political Economy of Europe

Patrick is a consultant at Slalom Consulting.


Erika Logginsquare

Erika Loggin

Class of 2019
MSc in International Migration and Public Policy

Erika works as a Graduate Trainee at the Wellcome Trust.



Dominik Kirchdorfer

Class of 2015
MSc Politics and Government in the European Union

Dominik is an author, social entrepreneur, and European affairs adviser.



Maude Metz

Class of 2017
MSc EU Politics

Maude is a Project Manager for the programme 'Toutes Politiques'.



Roxanna Azimy

Class of 2017
MSc European Studies: Ideas, Ideologies, and Identities

Roxanna is a content writer and advocacy communications consultant.


Sascha Titze_square

Sascha Titze

Class of 2018
MSc European Political Economy

Sascha is a Supervision Analyst at the European Central Bank.


Helena Lamb_square

Helena Lamb

Class of 2008
Msc European Studies: Ideas and Identities

Helena is the Norway Director, Development and Outreach at Human Rights Watch.




David Zajonz

Class of 2014
MSc Political Economy of Europe

David is a freelance journalist in Germany, reporting for WDR’s economics affairs team and for ARD Tagesschau.