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A centre of excellence for the study of Europe

The future of Europe will be defined by its response to a number of challenges: from Brexit to the migration crisis, internal and external pressures on the Eurozone, and the impact of globalisation and nationalism on society and culture. These issues are not unique to the European continent. There has never been a better time to study Europe and understand the world.

The EI is truly multi-disciplinary, with experts in the fields of politics, economics, geography, history, political economy, anthropology, philosophy, sociology and international relations.
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Centre of Excellence

The European Institute was designated by the European Commission as a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence in 2009.

Centres of Excellence are designed to serve as a focal point of knowledge and skills on European Union affairs. They gather the expertise and understanding of high-level experts to develop links with, and between, various subjects related to the EU, as well as creating transnational activities and links with other institutions in other countries.

They are also designed to reach out to students dealing with related subjects, as well as policy-makers, civil servants, civil society, and the public.

The European Institute’s core work centres around three key areas: teaching and learning, research activities, and public events.



The European Institute offers a range of Masters Programmes and an extensive PhD Programme. We have one of the largest cohorts of European Studies students anywhere in the world with around 225 Masters students and 30 doctoral students from all regions of the globe. 

We are outward looking and have a number of international partners, including Sciences Po (Paris), Bocconi University (Milan) and Fudan University (Shanghai) with whom we have a Double Masters programmes.

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Research in the European Institute is focused around four interdisciplinary research themes. Our doctoral community, which is one of the largest in European Studies in the world, spans all four research areas. Our faculty’s research focuses on Political Economy, Politics and Policy, Culture and Society, Migration.

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One of the EI hallmarks is its strong public profile. We host dozens of events a year, with an outstanding cast list of high-level speakers from politics, public administration and EU institutions, including presidents, prime ministers, foreign ministers, finance ministers, distinguished scholars and influential commentators.

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