Cheryl Carvalho

Class of 2019, MSc Global Europe: Culture and Conflict

Cheryl is currently based in the UK Civil Service, and works in the Department for Transport.

My modules covered a wide spectrum of topics from current more abstract concepts in philosophy...


Cheryl Carvalho

Studying at the European Institute at LSE was not just an instrumental goal for launching my career, but also an end goal in itself to engage with such a diverse intellectual community. The latter formed my most memorable and enriching experience. I also gained a strong foundation of analytical and critical thinking from my study at the European Institute, where I learned how to conduct analysis and draft research documents, and which has informed the way I approach my work in the office.

My modules covered a wide spectrum of topics from current affairs such as EU-Exit to more abstract concepts in philosophy, exploring the heritage and future of Europe. Studying from an interdisciplinary lens has shaped my ability to synthesise ideas across disciplinary boundaries which gives an authentic purpose to learning, useful beyond academia.  

I am grateful to the European Institute for offering Professional Skills modules. I attended the Political Risk module run by the Eurasia group and discussed and developed policy proposals with the 1989 Initiative Think tank. The opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills in a real-world professional context made the learning process more meaningful. For instance, applying insights from my EU-Exit module to the Professional Skills Political Risk module was particularly enjoyable.

After studying at LSE, I worked at UN-Habitat with the Special Assistant to the Deputy Executive Director. My time at UN-Habitat was dynamic, from working to carry out a successful ‘floating cities’ event at the 10th World Urban Forum, to contributing to the launch of a City Investment Facility which enables the flow of capital into urban impact. I am currently working in the UK Civil Service in the Department of Transport, supporting the government in engagement with the Aviation Industry and assisting with the launch of a COVID-19 recovery strategy.

LSE has taught me transferable skills that I have used both at UN-Habitat and the Civil Service and equipped me with critical ways of thinking to tackle the uncertainty and insurmountable challenges we face in this day and age regardless of which career path I am in.