Helena Lamb

Class of 2008, MSc European Studies: Ideas and Identities

Helena is the Norway Director, Development and Outreach at Human Rights Watch, one of the world’s leading independent organisations dedicated to defending and protecting human rights.

Since leaving the LSE I have been blessed to carry the friendships I made there with me...
Helena Lamb
Helena Lamb

I dreamed of attending the LSE ever since I heard my father’s anecdote from his student days, of dismissing an open mic night performer in the Three Tuns who turned out to be Mick Jagger. The European Institute was all I had hoped for: international, intellectually stimulating, and fun. I was so impressed with my fellow students. So impressed, indeed, that I am still together with another European Institute classmate, married and with two children.

After LSE I headed to Brussels – what else? I got my feet wet in a think tank and then dropped headlong into running (as the only employee) the largest pan-European youth political organisation. After four years passionately developing that organisation – the energy of youth! – and gaining some insider experience into European best-loved stereotypes, we left Brussels for Norway.

The LSE prepared us well to adapt to new settings. I founded a consultancy and found myself writing speeches for the Governing Mayor of Oslo, performing voiceovers in English, and establishing Human Rights Watch’s presence in Norway. Now I dedicate my working hours to promoting human rights, which is deeply fulfilling.

Since leaving the LSE I have been blessed to carry the friendships I made there with me. I have made new ones as well, since lovely LSE alumni grace all the far corners of the earth. Perhaps I can appreciate the LSE more than most, since it was there I met the human being who is my favourite debate partner, best personal consultant, and life’s companion.