Petar Traykov

Class of 2014; Political Economy of Europe

Petar works in the financial services advisory sector at UBS.

I still vividly remember being amazed by my peers’ knowledge, positive mindset, and international experience...


Petar Traykov

Having spent much of my youth in an international and multilingual environment, I have always actively sought out opportunities to learn more about the relations, cooperation, and interdependencies between nations. During my undergraduate studies at Durham University, I developed a particularly strong interest in European financial, monetary, and fiscal integration. This was an important consideration when deciding on a master’s degree, as the LSE is not only a leader in this specific academic domain but is also at the forefront of international economic research. The flexible, interdisciplinary structure of EI master’s programmes, and the overwhelmingly positive feedback from recent alumni, added to my motivation to continue my academic journey at the LSE.

Some of my first impressions of my time at the LSE relate to the high calibre of both my coursemates and academic mentors. I still vividly remember being amazed by my peers’ knowledge, positive mindset, and international experience. It also became evident early on that the LSE and the European Institute had put in significant effort to ensure that all students make the most of their university experience. From a more personal standpoint, I felt very fortunate that I got to explore various professional interests both as part of my core curriculum, as well as through university and departmental initiatives, events, and other activities.

Upon graduation, I had the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills acquired at the LSE across multiple sectors. As a trainee at the European Commission (Brussels) and European Investment Bank (Luxembourg), my initial focus was on learning more about the legal and political frameworks governing European capital markets. My interest in financial markets regulation subsequently motivated my desire to pursue a career in financial services advisory at Ernst & Young (Frankfurt / Munich) and, most recently, at the largest Swiss bank - UBS (Zurich). It has been my personal experience that the analytical, technical and soft skills refined as part of my LSE studies are highly valued both in the EU public sector, as well as in management consulting and investment banking.

Besides the positive effect on my career development, I like to think of my LSE and EI journey as one of personal growth, introspection and self-discovery. The enduring relationships I have formed with academic peers and mentors still have a profound impact on my outlook on life to this day. Learning from such inspiring and talented individuals has encouraged me to transcend my comfort zone, develop new skills, and embrace new challenges.