Juste Galvydyte

Class of 2015, MSc Political Economy of Europe

Juste is a Sustainable Investment Project Manager at Credit Suisse.

The Covid pandemic led me to reconsider my fast-paced London lifestyle, eventually encouraging me to venture out of my comfort zone and stretch myself professionally...


Juste Galvydyte

In addition to its pristine reputation and world-class education, my ambition to obtain a degree from the LSE’s European Institute was ignited by my keen interest in European integration, previous work experience in the EU in Brussels, and a strong desire to live in the world’s most international financial and cultural centre. My year at the EI was greatly enriched by different perspectives on the political, economic and institutional processes and challenges in the EU; as well many hours of inspirational debates, diverse cultural backgrounds, and lasting friendships. One experience that stands out in my memory is our trip to Cumberland Lodge, a 17th century former royal residence at Windsor Great Park. 

After my time at the EI, my professional journey continued at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in London. Given the increasing prominence of the topic of climate change, I focused on the Bank’s newly adopted Green Economy Transition strategy, aiming to increase the volume of financing that brings environmental benefits. In December 2015 I was honoured to attend COP21 in Paris, where I not only co-organized a COP side-event with Lord Nicholas Stern (Chair of the LSE’s Grantham Research Institute) but also witnessed the signature of the Paris Agreement.

My enthusiasm to obtain first-hand experience of the financial services industry further led me to join EY’s advisory practice in London: where I focused on change management programs and the implications of Brexit on the banking, insurance, wealth and asset management industries. This work supporting clients to develop strategic plans and deal with restructuring challenges as a result of Brexit led me to my next role in accelerating the development and delivery of EY’s sustainable finance services across EMEIA. I am wholeheartedly grateful to some of the most inspirational and supportive mentors and friends that I have met in London, with whom we have maintained mutual trust and respect for many years.

The Covid pandemic led me to reconsider my fast-paced London lifestyle, eventually encouraging me to venture out of my comfort zone and stretch myself professionally. Being passionate about making progress on the sustainable finance agenda (and skiing!) I relocated to Zurich to join Credit Suisse as a sustainable investment project manager. I focus on the implementation of the EU Action Plan for Financing Sustainable Growth (namely the EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation and the EU Taxonomy, amongst others) to drive forward the sustainability targets of Credit Suisse. The change brought about by the EU’s regulatory framework is incremental: from reorienting capital flows towards sustainable investment, to aiming to increase transparency on sustainability within the financial markets, to preventing greenwashing. I am beyond excited to be living in beautiful Switzerland, making the most of its breathtaking nature and activities, and concentrating on one of the most pivotal topics in this day and age, hoping to be able to make a positive impact on the world.

In all the roles I have had throughout my career, the MSc in Political Economy of Europe at the EI has helped me navigate through the complexity, uncertainty, and dynamism of the business environment in order to excel in what I do. It is truly incredible how rewarding one’s experience at the LSE can be, and the unexpected life turns it opens up and encourages you to take.