Myriam Castello

Class of 2016, MSc Politics and Government in the EU (Double Degree with Sciences Po, Paris)

Myriam is an International Development Officer at SUEZ: an organisation committed to shaping a sustainable environment and preserving water, soil, and air.

I made all my professional choices with an intrinsic belief in my ability to shape the world I live in...


Myriam Castello

I grew up in Paris, surrounded by classmates, professors and friends from all five continents, in an environment where we were encouraged to look beyond borders to understand the world together. It’s therefore no surprise that I joined LSE’s European Institute as part of a dual degree with Sciences Po Paris, in one of the most international and diverse educational community I could find. The EI not only gave me a privileged access to the world’s best multi-disciplinary experts, but also provided me with invaluable insight to how the European Union functions and what it can strive to be. It made me challenge my perception of our world and reflect deeply on how I wanted to be a part of it and which role I wanted to play.

I joined the EI with a passion for international affairs and international development, which had only been strengthened by various work experiences in Africa and Whitehall. I am thankful for having the opportunity to complement my EI modules with courses from other departments and obtain a specialisation in the international relations of Europe; this was, without doubt, instrumental in leading me where I am today.

During my last months at LSE, I was recruited by Médecins Sans Frontières’ representation office to the EU and NATO and moved to Brussels.  There, I was able to liaise and advocate directly with EU institutions, and had first-hand access to influencing policymaking, which was extremely rewarding. MSF and other NGOs in Brussels continually discuss with the European Commission and Parliament and have an immense role to play in shaping the EU and its legacy.

Driven by this thirst for impact and a desire to work in the field, I decided to join the United Nations and moved to Senegal to serve for several years as a program officer: supporting the development of efficient and accountable criminal justice systems and the fight against terrorism in the Sahel. The Sahel is a land of promise and opportunities but has been facing dire challenges for years: insecurity is one of them, but water scarcity and precarious access to both water and sanitation is another. I therefore joined SUEZ at headquarters, working for the international development department. There I coordinate SUEZ’s network of international business developers and specialise in developing environmental projects in frontier markets.

Since joining SUEZ, I feel like I have merged my different career aspirations of working internationally in a fast-paced and challenging environment, on the brink between diplomacy and private sector imperatives, all the while having a measurable impact by providing access to essential environmental services to all.

Whether in the field of humanitarian, security or environmental affairs, I made all my professional choices with an intrinsic belief in my ability to shape the world I live in, which was taught to me at LSE. The EI inspired me to think outside the box, fully grasp how intertwined today’s global issues are, and work to propose innovative solutions. It has shaped my career in more ways than I can tell – let it shape yours!