MSc Alumni in Philosophy of Science

Alexandra Serenhov (2015–2016)

9 March 2017|

I would strongly recommend anyone to pursue a MSc in Philosophy of Science at the LSE. The intellectual challenge in combination with brilliant professors and classmates contributed to making this an experience for life. Worth to note is also that I found this degree tremendously useful when applying for jobs in the tech industry later on. A strong foundation […]

Emma Langley (2014–2015)

7 December 2015|

My time at LSE was one of the best experiences I’ve had. Not only was I introduced to a field of study which is now my life passion, but since graduating I have also taken up a career in an area which allows me to put my studies into practice on a daily basis.

Rob Graumans (2013–2014)

5 December 2014|

I learned a lot during my MSc Philosophy of Science at the LSE. At my arrival, I knew I had the philosophical, creative intuition that is so important to come up with new and challenging ideas. However, my reasoning was not firm enough to really hit the nail on the head. I needed a lot of words to say […]

Philippe van Basshuysen (2013–2014)

3 December 2014|

Pursuing this MSc at the LSE is an excellent experience. There is a fair division between taught courses and a research project, leading to your dissertation. This gives students the opportunity to acquire new or deepen existing knowledge in a field as well as to dip into the fascinating experience of developing your own ideas and approaches to tackle […]

Pranav Dalmia (2012–2013)

29 September 2013|

Having read philosophy at the undergraduate level despite my overt scientific inclinations, a Master’s in philosophy of science seemed to be the logical confluence of my two streams of interest. LSE’s MSc Philosophy of Science, with its lofty reputation and long list of eminent faculty members, promised to embody precisely what I was looking for. After arriving at LSE, […]

Jacob Neal (2012–2013)

29 September 2013|

The master’s program in Philosophy of Science at the LSE provided the philosophical training for me to pivot my academic career from the natural sciences to philosophy of science. After completing a master’s in biochemistry and structural biology, I arrived at the LSE hoping to transition from laboratory research to scientifically-engaged philosophical research. Although I lacked any formal training […]

Hasan Afzal (2012–2013)

29 September 2013|

How my studies went?

I came to the LSE after studying a degree in Political Economy, although my background wasn’t of the sciences, I didn’t feel at a disadvantage at all.

I felt the programme was excellent. I was always tested and felt challenged. From philosophy of science to the philosophy of choice, the detail and the breadth of the work […]

Alexandru Marcoci (2011–2012)

29 September 2012|

Even before starting the MSc in Philosophy of Science I knew I wanted to do a PhD in Philosophy at LSE. The master programme offered me the right environment to develop the necessary skills for making a successful application to a PhD programme and the intellectual background and confidence for embarking on such a project. The programme offers a wide variety of […]

Tiffanie Lein Lau (2011–2012)

29 September 2012|

I joined LSE having read Philosophy, Politics and Economics at the undergraduate level. I was attracted by the clear focus of the course content, which would allow me to obtain a good depth of understanding of the subject within a short space of time. One also could not deny the opportunity to stand on the shoulders of […]

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Radin Dardashti (2011–2012)

29 September 2012|

I came to LSE with a background in theoretical physics. My hope was to get the philosophical background needed to do research on the philosophical foundations of physics. The courses I took in the MSc programme in Philosophy of Science were simply excellent and prepared me well for my current studies as a PhD Fellow at the […]