MSc Alumni in Philosophy of Science

Stephen Tiley (2005–2006)

29 September 2006|

My time studying at the LSE was undoubtedly the most rewarding academic experience I’ve had. The courses were well structured and the lecturers had a contagious enthusiasm for the subjects they taught that transferred onto their students. It was both a joy and a privilege to study and learn under the guidance of faculty members who were […]

Paolo Maugeri (2005–2006)

29 September 2006|

Currently, I am a PhD student at the European School of Molecular Medicine in Milan. I consider the experience I had at the Department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method as the building block of my personality and of my philosophical formation.

Studying philosophy at LSE was an exciting experience. As a Master student you are […]

Goeffrey Ho (2005–2006)

29 September 2006|

LSE’s MSc programme in the Philosophy & History of Science was a breath of fresh air after three years of undergraduate mathematics. The class came together from a remarkably diverse range of backgrounds — academically, socially and culturally — which made for some fascinating and at times passionate discussions. Ever wondered what you get if you put […]

Justin Bledin (2005–2006)

29 September 2006|

In 2005-6, I was a MSc student in the Philosophy & History of Science track. In the intensive one-year course, I studied the philosophy of science and physics at LSE and took an intercollegiate course at UCL in the philosophy of mathematics. Now a doctorate student in UC Berkeley’s Logic Group, I look back at my time […]

Bengt Autzen (2005–2006)

29 September 2006|

I arrived at the LSE with a degree in mathematics but no formal training in philosophy. The tight curriculum of the MSc in Philosophy and History of Science enabled me to learn in a very short time about the current debates in the philosophy of science and put me in an excellent starting position for PhD work […]

Isabel Guerra Bobo (2004–2005)

29 September 2005|

I had just graduated in Theoretical Physics when I went to LSE for the MSc. in Philosophy of History of Science. This program gave me a very good point of entry to the study of philosophical issues concerning physics, in particular, and science, in general. Having never followed an academic training in philosophy the year program gave […]

Christian W. Bach (2004–2005)

29 September 2005|

Studying towards a MSc degree in the Department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method is a highly rewarding experience in terms of academic and personal development. The courses offered are excellent and very well taught by the faculty, whose members are all cutting-edge researchers in their respective fields. Having been interested in the foundations of decision and […]

Adam Toon (2003–2004)

29 September 2004|

The MSc in Philosophy and History of Science course provided me with an excellent grounding in many key areas of philosophy of science. The core course, Philosophy of Science and Scientific Method, gave an overview of central topics in the field, while the paper in the Philosophical Foundations of Physics began with an introduction to this area […]

Dennis Lehmkuhl (2003–2004)

29 September 2004|

I originally came to London to do a Masters in theoretical physics, but from the very beginning I hoped I would also be able to take one or two courses in Philosophy of Science at the place I knew some of the all-time heroes of philosophy of science had worked: LSE’s Department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific […]

Holly Andersen (2001–2002)

29 September 2002|

The LSE was my first exposure to philosophy of science, and the courses were challenging but fascinating. Professors did an excellent job of presenting the material so that those of us unfamiliar with the issues could participate as well as those who already had studied some of it. The other students in the Master’s program came from […]