All things considered, this MSc has achieved nothing short of a miracle. You will be exposed to to some of the deepest questions unearthed in scientific pursuit. Not just at the surface level, but all the way down to the most subtle and nuanced arguments in each issue. At each step of the way, your teachers are there to stop you from completely getting lost in the rabbit hole. Somehow, you are always on the brink of giving up – the problems are difficult, after all – but the support you get is so incredible that you end up learning a lot more than you thought possible. All of this occurs whether you have a doctorate in some science or if you’ve never quite gone beyond AS chemistry!

On a more factual note: there is a tight range of courses which are all very well taught. There are options ranging from Business Ethics all the way to Set Theory and Further Logic, depending on your choice of poison. The lecturers are usually the seminar leaders also; and they take teaching very seriously in my experience. Seminars are an excellent resource because they allow students to gradually tackle the problem, guided by the teacher, instead of simply being told a couple of viewpoints and moving on. I personally found them to be engaging and fun. The focal point of the MSc is the dissertation, which is an interesting experience. It is certainly a challenge, but I genuinely think it is the single most interesting thing I have done in my 4 years of higher education. The support from advisor(s) is plentiful and focused.

I had an amazing time in this MSc and so did all my friends. I’m quite sure you will too.