I would strongly recommend anyone to pursue a MSc in Philosophy of Science at the LSE. The intellectual challenge in combination with brilliant professors and classmates contributed to making this an experience for life. Worth to note is also that I found this degree tremendously useful when applying for jobs in the tech industry later on. A strong foundation of critical thinking and abstract reasoning is valuable in many situations and to develop not only these skills but also the ability to coherently advocate for your position has been tantamount to many things I have done after graduating. Here is where I really see the value of many of the courses I took during my year at LSE.

I did not have a background in any of the natural sciences previous to my masters (economics background), but quickly fell for the analytical approach to philosophy this program in particular emphasize. The courses I took ranged from “Rationality and Choice” and “Philosophy of Science” to “Physics and the City: From Quantum Jumps to Stock Market crashes”, and each one provided a significant piece of knowledge and improved skills that I took with me from the program.