Pursuing the Philosophy of Science MSc is a highly rewarding experience. The curriculum covers a fantastically wide range of areas. This allows you to tailor the programme to suit your own interests. For the mathematically inclined, there is ‘Set Theory and Further Logic’ and ‘Rationality and Choice’; for those interested in the natural sciences, there is ‘Einstein for Everyone’ and ‘Genes, Brains and Society’ and for those curious about cognitive science, there is ‘Emotion, Cognition and Behaviour’. However, this only covers a fraction of what’s available. In short, there’s something for everyone.

In my experience, the courses were are all incredibly well-taught, and well-structured. Each offered an overview, and in-depth knowledge of, the relevant subject. I also greatly enjoyed the seminars. Not only did they clear up any confusions I had about the material, they also allowed students to bounce their own ideas off one another. I found the process of articulating, and defending my viewpoint, to be of great value in strengthening and refining my ideas.

On a more informal note, I greatly enjoyed chatting with my classmates over a beer after seminars. It was a great pleasure to have a group of fellow students, who shared with me, the same enthusiasm for the subject matter of the degree. Overall, I had a fantastic year at LSE, and would thoroughly recommend the programme.