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Who's who in the Department of Media and Communications

Academic staff

Omar 2019

Dr Omar Al-Ghazzi
Assistant Professor

Interests and expertise: global communication and comparative journalism; digital activism; collective memory; Middle East and North Africa


Dr Nick Anstead
Associate Professor, Exam Board Chair

Interests and expertise: campaigning; citizenship; eCampaigning; ePolitics; elections; internet; new media; political participation; political parties


Professor Shakuntala Banaji
Professor of Media, Culture and Social Change

Interests and expertise: Bollywood; Hindi cinema; South Asia; audiences; children; creativity; film studies; international media; media education; media literacy;misinformation and disinformation; online participation; political contexts; social media and hate speech; young people; youth civic participation

Ram Bhat

Dr Ram Bhat
LSE Fellow

Interests and expertiseinternet infrastructure governmentality and subjectivation; internet infrastructure hate speech and violence; qualitative methods in media and communication research; decolonising media and communications


Dr Meghanne Barker
LSE Fellow

Interests and expertisevisual culture; children's culture and media; Eastern Europe and Eurasia; postsocialism; ethnographic methods; semiotics; animation and film

Charlie Beckett T3

Professor Charlie Beckett 
Professor in Practice, Director of Polis 

Interests and expertiseArtificial Intelligence; broadcasting; digital; emotions; ethics; future of news; governance; international media; journalism; media economics; networked journalism; newspapers; social media; start-ups; terror reporting; US media; WikiLeaks


Professor Bart Cammaerts
Professor of Politics and Communication, Head of Department

Interests and expertise: media strategies of activists; media representations of protest; alternative media and counter-cultures; media histories; political theory and broader issues relating to power, participation and public-ness


Professor Lilie Chouliaraki
Chair in Media and Communications, Doctoral Programme Director

Interests and expertise: corporate communication and branding; humanitarian communication; media ethics; public sphere and civil action; media representations of suffering and violence


Professor Nick Couldry 
Professor of Media, Communications and Social Theory

Interests and expertise: media and data ethics; media audiences; media and platform power; reality media; social theory; sociology of culture; voice and listening

Simidele Dosekun 2019

Dr Simidele Dosekun
Assistant Professor 

Interests and expertise: gender and media; race and ethnicity; Africa; consumer and popular cultures; representation; globalisation; feminist theory; qualitative research methodologies; knowledge politics


Professor Lee Edwards
Professor of Strategic Communications and Public Engagement, Director of Graduate Studies

Interests and expertise: promotional culture, particularly public relations (PR); diversity, inequality and PR; PR as a professional field; young people, PR, voice, recognition; PR and democracy; copyright policy and discourse; postcolonial and decolonial analyses of public relations; climate change communication


Dr Seeta Peña Gangadharan
Associate Professor

Interests and expertise: communication rights and technologies; data profiling; surveillance; privacy; data and discrimination; democratic communication; digital inclusion; media justice; public participation in comms/tech policy

Myria 2017

Professor Myria Georgiou
Professor of Media and Communications, Research Director

Interests and expertise: audience research; diaspora; migration and the media; identity and the media; media and the city; transnational communities and networks 


Professor Ellen Helsper
Professor of Digital Inequalities

Interests and expertise: digital inequalities; information and communication technologies (ICTs); interpersonal mediated communication; media and everyday life; methodologies in media and communications research


Dr Zhongwei Li
LSE Fellow

Interests and expertise: popular music; subculture; cultural production and circulation; historical ethnography; media and communications in post-reform China


Professor Sonia Livingstone OBE
Professor of Social Psychology

Interests and expertise: media and everyday life; media audiences; children and digital media; media literacy; children’s rights in the digital environment; mediated participation; online risks, privacy and safety; media regulation in the public interest


Professor Robin Mansell
Professor of New Media and the Internet

Interests and expertise: media and communications regulation and policy; internet governance; privacy and surveillance; digital platforms; data and information; social, political and economic impacts of innovation and digital technology applications

Bingchun Meng

Dr Bingchun Meng 
Associate Professor

Interests and expertise: Chinese media in a globalising era; copyright law and communication; ICT and development; political economy of media and information industries


Dr Dylan Mulvin
Assistant Professor

Interests and expertise: media history; media theory; infrastructure studies; science and technology studies; history of science and technology; visual culture; screen technologies; gender studies; disability studies; 20th century history; cultural studies

Shani portrait 2017

Professor Shani Orgad
Professor of Media and Communications

Interests and expertise: gender, feminism and media; motherhood; globalisation; media representations; narrative; ethnographic research methods


Dr Jean-Christophe Plantin
Associate Professor

Interests and expertise: politics of platforms; evolution of knowledge infrastructures; digital sovereignty

Alison square profile

Dr Alison Powell
Associate Professor

Interests and expertise: technological citizenship; ethics and values in technology design; 'smart cities'; algorithmic culture; transparency and accountability of algorithmic systems; tech culture; hacker culture; tech activism 


Professor Terhi Rantanen 
Professor of Global Media and Communications

Interests and expertise: media globalization; news agencies; media history; national and global news; comparative research


Dr Damian Tambini
Distinguished Policy Fellow 

Interests and expertise: broadcasting; regulation; telecommunications; public sphere; freedom of speech; intellectual property; the commons 

Wendy Willems

Dr Wendy Willems 
Associate Professor, Deputy Head of Department

Interests and expertiseglobal digital culture and social change; urban communication; postcolonial/decolonial approaches to media and communication; popular culture, performance and politics in Africa; media culture and neoliberalism in the Global South


Dr Polly Withers
LSE Fellow

Interests and expertise: cultural studies (popular culture, popular music, youth subcultures); gender and sexuality; feminist theory; race and ethnicity; Middle East politics and Palestine; neoliberal capitalism, consumer culture and identity; global media and communications 

Professional services staff

General advice and guidance

The following email addresses are monitored by more than one staff member.

MSc Programmes Delivery Team


Nicole Garnier - Team Lead
Deputy Department Manager, Head of MSc Programmes Delivery

Responsibilities: delivery of all MSc teaching and education, student experience and activities; MSc alumni relations


Mark Kingston
Graduate Programmes Coordinator

Responsibilities: MSc programme and course regulations, MSc assessment, coursework and exams


Ben McDonald
Graduate Programmes Coordinator

Responsibilities: MSc admissions; MSc student experience, events and activities; MSc teaching support

Ethan Liu photo

Ethan Liu
Graduate Intern (MSc Students & Alumni)

Responsibilities: alumni relations; current MSc student experience and activities

Research Operations Team


Leo Beattie - Team Lead
Research Manager, Research Operations Team Lead

Responsibilities: all aspects of Departmental research; research finance; doctoral programmes; REF 2021 preparations


Rob Sharp
Polis Manager

Responsibilities: operational management and administration of Polis, LSE's Journalism and Society Think Tank


Lwam Tesfay
Events and Communications Officer

Responsibilities: public events; online communications, website, social media and newsletters

Department Manager


James Deeley
Department Manager

Responsibilities: Departmental strategy and development, policies and processes; human, financial and physical resources; compliance, legal issues and critical incidents

Guest Teachers

Alessandro Castellini

Dr Alessandro Castellini
Guest Teacher

Interests and expertise: gender; sexuality; motherhood; postpartum depression; emotions; Japan; film theory; psychoanalysis; philosophies of translation; critical pedagogies

Jelena Dzakula

Dr Jelena Dzakula
Guest Teacher

Interests and expertise: communications policy and regulation; citizenship; technological innovations; digital government


Kate Gilchrist
Guest Teacher

Interests and expertise: gender; subjectivity; postfeminism; popular culture; self narrative


Dr Leslie Haddon 
Guest Teacher and Visiting Fellow

Interests and expertise: ICT consumption and domestication; children and the Internet; mobile phones; social shaping of technology


Dr Louise Hickman
Guest Teacher and Senior Research Officer, JUST-AI Network on Data and AI Ethics, Ada Lovelace Institute

Interests and expertise: ethics of care; critical disability studies; feminist STS; feminist labour; crip technoscience; Deaf studies; critical access studies; history of technology; future of work

R Leyva

Dr Rodolfo Leyva
Guest Teacher

Interests and expertise: media culture and neoliberalism; new media and political participation; media psychology and neuroscience; quantitative and experimental methods in media and communications research

Sarah Tafakori

Dr Sarah Tafakori
Guest Teacher, Visiting Fellow

Interests and expertise: the intersections of global politics; emotion, mediation and the everyday, with a focus on affective discourses in transnational media contexts


Dr Jane Vincent
Guest Teacher, Visiting Fellow, freelance academic researcher and industry practitioner

Interests and expertiseyouth and the Internet; mobile communications; emotion and ICTs


Dr Jun Yu
Guest Teacher and Visiting Fellow

Interests and expertisealgorithmic culture; privacy; dataveillance; platformisation of cultural production; social theory; solidarity

Visiting and associate staff

Bermal Aydin

Dr Bermal Aydin
Visiting Fellow

Interests and expertise: media governance; media citizenship; communication law; communication contexts


Professor Sarah Banet-Weiser
Associate Faculty

Interests and expertise: gender; feminist theory; race and ethnicity; consumer culture; neoliberal capitalism; branding; popular culture; social media; youth culture


Dr Sally Broughton Micova
Visiting Fellow

Interests and expertise: media and communications policy in Europe; rise of competitive authoritarianism; consequences of convergence and globalization in creative and communications industries


Dr Helena Chmielewska-Szlajfer
Visiting Fellow, Akademia Leona Koźmińskiego

Interests and expertise: political communication; journalism; political commentary


Dr Leslie Haddon 
Guest Teacher

Interests and expertise: ICT consumption and domestication; children and the Internet; mobile phones; social shaping of technology

Suzanne Temwa Gondwe Harris

Dr Suzanne Temwa Gondwe Harris
LSE Fellow

Interests and expertise: media systems in transition; power; legacies of coloniality; the influence of foreign aid; development and intervention in African media systems; ethnic minority media; decolonising media studies; critical media literacy; identity and representation

Velislava Hillman

Dr Velislava Hillman
Visiting Fellow

Interests and expertise: education technologies; educational data; digital media literacy; children and young people’s digital rights; creativity; mediated learning


Atte Jääskeläinen
Visiting Fellow

Interests and expertise: media systems; future of news; digital disruption

Osman Junaid

Osman Junaid
Visiting Fellow

Interests and expertise: digital advertising ethics; data collection; digital surveillance; media platform regulation and governance; behaviour change; financial services media strategy; consumer healthcare media strategy; biotech; digitisation of the economy


Baroness Beeban Kidron OBE

Interests and expertise: children's rights in the digital age; internet policy; data protection

Angelos Kissas

Dr Angelos Kissas
Visiting Fellow

Interests and expertise: Populism, digital media and democracy; the mediatization of politics; political ideology, power and institutions in the age of mediatization; the role of discourse and affect in political communication; qualitative, hermeneutic methods in the study of political communication

Terence McSweeney

Dr Terence McSweeney
Visiting Fellow, Solent University

Interests and expertise: film and television studies; contemporary American cinema


Claire Milne
Senior Visiting Fellow

Interests and expertise: consumer affairs; consumer representation; nuisance calls; numbering; telecommunications policy; telecommunications regulation; universal service.

Pablo Morales

Dr Pablo Morales
LSE Fellow

Interests and expertise: globalisation; media flows; China; Latin America

Hannu Nieminen 2020

Professor Hannu Nieminen
Visiting Professor

Interests and expertise: communication and democracy; theories of the public sphere; European media and communications policy; media regulation; communication rights


Dr Jedrzej Niklas
Visiting Fellow

Interests and expertise: state and technology; human rights; data protection; data and discrimination; bureaucracy and public institutions; surveillance studies; civil society and participation; political theory

Ioanna Noula

Dr Ioanna Noula
Visiting Fellow

Interests and expertise: citizenship education; critical pedagogy; digitalisation

Kruakae Pothong

Dr Kruakae Pothong
Visiting Fellow

Interests and expertise: design-led research; deliberative methods; human-computer interaction; digital ethics; internet of things; internet and related policies; user research

Sandra Ponzanesi LSE

Professor Sandra Ponzanesi
Visiting Professor

Interests and expertise: gender and postcolonial studies

Maria Rikitianskaia

Dr Maria Rikitianskaia
Visiting Fellow

Interests and expertise: wireless communication; transnational approach; the political economy of communication; the social construction of technology


Dr Maggie Scammell
Visiting Staff

Interests and expertise: political communications, especially political campaigning; media and elections; governments and news management; political marketing and political journalism


Professor Philip Schlesinger
Visiting Professor, University of Glasgow

Interests and expertise: cultural policy; digital cultures; post-truth and the politics of expertise; creative and cultural industries; collective identity

Julian Sefton Green-2019

Professor Julian Sefton-Green
Visiting Fellow

Interests and expertise: media education; new technologies; creativity; digital cultures; informal learning


Jonny Shipp
Visiting Fellow

Interests and expertise: sustainability, accountability corporate purpose and ethics in relation to digitalisation; online platforms and Internet services


Dr Johanna Sumiala
Visiting Fellow

Interests and expertise: media and social theory; ritual; death; religion; digital anthropology

G. Summa

Giancarlo Summa
Visiting Fellow

Interests and expertise: international organisations and multilateralism; social media and digital diplomacy; political communication; authoritarian leaders and right-wing movements; Latin American media

Lara Srivastava

Lara Srivastava
Visiting Fellow

Interests and expertise: ICT and media regulation and governance; technical and policy standardization; ICT for development; technology policy; technology and society


Dr Jane Vincent
Visiting Fellow, Guest Teacher, freelance academic researcher and industry practitioner

Interests and expertiseyouth and the Internet; mobile communications; emotion and ICTs

servet yanatma

Dr Servet Yanatma
Visiting fellow

Interests and expertise: news agencies; media and politics in the late Ottoman Empire and modern Turkey; political economy of media and media ownership; online news consumption and media business models


Dr Jun Yu

Visting Fellow and Guest Teacher

Interests and expertisealgorithmic culture; privacy; dataveillance; platformisation of cultural production; social theory; solidarity

Research and project staff


Imre Bard
Research Officer, JUST-AI Network on Data and AI Ethics, Ada Lovelace Institute


Emma Goodman
Policy Officer, Media@LSE

Interests and expertise: media policy; fake news; e-campaigning; national and international news journalism; media and development


Dr Louise Hickman
Senior Research Officer, JUST-AI Network on Data and AI Ethics, Ada Lovelace Institute, Guest Teacher

Interests and expertise: ethics of care; critical disability studies; feminist STS; feminist labour; crip technoscience; Deaf studies; critical access studies; history of technology; future of work


Dr Sam Mejias
Postdoctoral Research Officer, STEM Inside

Interests and expertise: citizenship; education; digital media; human rights; neoliberalism; race and ethnicity; youth participation; creative arts; critical media literacy; media representation; international development;discourse analysis; ethnography

Esra Ozkan

Esra Ozkan
Table Co-Director, Justice, Equity and Technology

Interests and expertise: social justice; anti-racism; social action; movement building; network development

Eva Polonska

Dr Eva Połońska-Kimunguyi
Research Fellow, We, the People

Interests and expertise: media and public diplomacy; political communication; media, populism, identity politics; media and narratives in foreign policy; Europe-Africa media relations


Sanne Stevens
Table Co-Director, Justice, Equity and Technology

Interests and expertise: politics of data-driven automation; demystifying technologies; digital welfare state; organising; social justice; anti-racism; repression


Dr Mariya Stoilova
Research Officer, Global Kids Online

Interests and expertise: digital technologies, well-being, and family support; social change and transformations of intimate life; citizenship and social inequalities

PhD researchers and alumni

Job opportunities

  • We welcome enquiries from exceptional postdoctoral candidates who wish to join the Department with a personally funded Early Career Research Fellowship. See here for more information about fellowships we are able to host.