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Who's who in the Department of Media and Communications

Academic staff

Omar 2019

Dr Omar Al-Ghazzi
Associate Professor

Interests and expertise: global communication; comparative journalism; digital activism; collective memory; popular culture; media & war; Middle East and North Africa


Dr Nick Anstead
Associate Professor, Exam Board Chair

Interests and expertise: campaigning; citizenship; eCampaigning; ePolitics; elections; internet; new media; political participation; political parties


Professor Shakuntala Banaji
Professor of Media, Culture and Social Change

Interests and expertise: Bollywood; Hindi cinema; South Asia; audiences; children; creativity; film studies; international media; media education; media literacy; misinformation and disinformation; online participation; social media, toxic speech and hate speech; youth civic participation

Charlie Beckett 2023

Professor Charlie Beckett 
Professor in Practice, Director of Polis 

Interests and expertiseArtificial Intelligence; broadcasting; digital; emotions; ethics; future of news; governance; international media; journalism; media economics; networked journalism; newspapers; social media; start-ups; terror reporting; US media; WikiLeaks


Professor Bart Cammaerts
Professor of Politics and Communication, Head of Department

Interests and expertise: media strategies of activists; media representations of protest; alternative media and counter-cultures; media histories; political theory and broader issues relating to power, participation and public-ness


Professor Lilie Chouliaraki
Chair in Media and Communications

Interests and expertise: corporate communication and branding; humanitarian communication; media ethics; public sphere and civil action; media representations of suffering and violence


Professor Nick Couldry 
Professor of Media, Communications and Social Theory

Interests and expertise: media and data ethics; media audiences; media and platform power; reality media; social theory; sociology of culture; voice and listening

Simidele-Dosekun 2023

Dr Simidele Dosekun
Assistant Professor 

Interests and expertise: gender and media; race and ethnicity; Africa; consumer and popular cultures; representation; globalisation; feminist theory; qualitative research methodologies; knowledge politics


Professor Lee Edwards
Professor of Strategic Communications and Public Engagement, Director of Graduate Studies

Interests and expertise: critical approaches to strategic communication and public relations; postcolonial theory, critical race theory, intersectionality and public relations; PR as a professional field; promotional industries and cultures; strategic communications, public engagement and democracy; copyright policy and public engagement


Dr Seeta Peña Gangadharan
Associate Professor, Research Director

Interests and expertise: communication rights and technologies; data profiling; surveillance; privacy; data and discrimination; democratic communication; digital inclusion; media justice; public participation in comms/tech policy

Myria 2017

Professor Myria Georgiou
Professor of Media and Communications

Interests and expertise: audience research; diaspora; migration and the media; identity and the media; media and the city; transnational communities and networks 

Suzanne Temwa Gondwe Harris

Dr Suzanne Temwa Gondwe Harris
LSE Fellow in Media, Communication and Development

Interests and expertise: media systems in transition; power; legacies of coloniality; foreign aid



Professor Ellen Helsper
Professor of Digital Inequalities, Doctoral Programme Director

Interests and expertise: digital inequalities; information and communication technologies (ICTs); interpersonal mediated communication; media and everyday life; methodologies in media and communications research


Professor Sonia Livingstone OBE
Professor of Social Psychology

Interests and expertise: media and everyday life; media audiences; children and digital media; media literacy; children’s rights in the digital environment; mediated participation; online risks, privacy and safety; media regulation in the public interest


Professor Emerita Robin Mansell
Professor Emerita of New Media and the Internet

Interests and expertise: media and communications regulation and policy; internet governance; privacy and surveillance; digital platforms; data and information; social, political and economic impacts of innovation and digital technology applications

Bingchun Meng 2022

Professor Bingchun Meng 
Professor of Media and Communications

Interests and expertise: gender and the media, political economy of media industries, communication governance, comparative media studies, media and communication in China

Pablo Morales

Dr Pablo Morales
LSE Fellow in Media and Communications

Interests and expertise: globalisation; media flows; China; Latin America 


Dr Dylan Mulvin
Assistant Professor

Interests and expertise: media history; media theory; infrastructure studies; science and technology studies; history of science and technology; visual culture; screen technologies; gender studies; disability studies; 20th century history; cultural studies


Dr Rachel O'Neill
Assistant Professor

Interests and expertise: gender and sexuality; media and culture; labour; consumption and embodiment; feminist theory; knowledge politics; ethnography 

Shani portrait 2017

Professor Shani Orgad
Professor of Media and Communications

Interests and expertise: gender, feminism and media; motherhood; globalisation; media representations; narrative; ethnographic research methods


Dr Jean-Christophe Plantin
Associate Professor

Interests and expertise: politics of platforms; data and knowledge; media infrastructures

Alison square profile

Dr Alison Powell
Associate Professor

Interests and expertise: technological citizenship; ethics and values in technology design; 'smart cities'; algorithmic culture; transparency and accountability of algorithmic systems; tech culture; hacker culture; tech activism 


Professor Terhi Rantanen 
Professor of Global Media and Communications

Interests and expertise: media globalization; news agencies; media history; national and global news; comparative research


Dr Philipp Seuferling
LSE Fellow

Interests and expertise: media and migration; borders; media theory; media history


Dr Damian Tambini
Distinguished Policy Fellow 

Interests and expertise: broadcasting; regulation; telecommunications; public sphere; freedom of speech; intellectual property; the commons 

Wendy Willems

Dr Wendy Willems 
Associate Professor, Deputy Head of Department

Interests and expertisepostcolonial/decolonial approaches to media and communication; global digital culture and social change; urban communication; popular culture; performance and politics in Africa; media culture and neoliberalism in the Global South

Jungmo Youn

Dr Jungmo Youn
LSE Fellow

Interests and expertisecritical cultural studies; cultural history; media history; media political economy; history of mentality; conceptual history


Professional services staff

General advice and guidance

The following email addresses are monitored by more than one staff member.

Programmes Delivery Team


Nicole Garnier - Team Lead
Deputy Department Manager, Head of Programmes Delivery

Responsibilities: strategy and operations for all Departmental teaching and education, student experience and activities

Ethan Liu photo

Ethan Liu
Graduate Programmes Coordinator

Responsibilities: MSc programme and course regulations, MSc assessment, coursework and exams


Ben McDonald
Graduate Programmes Coordinator

Responsibilities: MSc admissions; MSc student experience, events and activities; MSc teaching support


Martina Zuccarella
Programmes Coordinator

Responsibilities: undergraduate study; dual degree admissions, student experience and activities; alumni relations


Research Operations Team


Leo Beattie - Team Lead
Research Manager, Research Operations Team Leader

Responsibilities: all aspects of Departmental research; research finance; doctoral programmes; research excellence exercise preparations


Danielle Blasse
Research and Department Affairs Administrator

Responsibilities: doctoral programmes; departmental research; Media@LSE; visiting research appointments 


Lwam Tesfay
Events and Communications Officer

Responsibilities: public events; online communications, website, social media and newsletters

Department Manager


James Deeley
Department Manager

Responsibilities: strategy and development, policies and processes; human, financial and physical resources; compliance, legal issues and critical incidents

Guest teaching staff

Alessandro Castellini

Dr Alessandro Castellini
Guest Teacher

Interests and expertise: gender; sexuality; motherhood; postpartum depression; emotions; Japan; film theory; psychoanalysis; philosophies of translation; critical pedagogies


Lisa Derand
Graduate Teaching Assistant (MC499)

Interests and expertise: social movements; mediation; indigenous studies

Nan Ding 2022

Nan Ding
Graduate Teaching Assistant (MC499)

Interests and expertise: technology and society; platform studies; urban social theories; modernity


Dr Taner Dogan
Guest Teacher

Interests and expertise: communications; culture; identity; religion; art; Turkey; Middle East

Claire Forbes

Dr Claire Forbes
Guest Teacher

Interests and expertise: government communication; regulatory communication; utilities; environmental communication; water


Dr Kate Gilchrist
Guest Teacher and Visiting Fellow

Interests and expertise: gender; subjectivity; postfeminism; popular culture; self narrative; psychosocial theory; discourse analysis; intersectionality


Dr Leslie Haddon 
Guest Teacher and Senior Visiting Fellow

Interests and expertise: ICT consumption and domestication; children and the Internet; mobile phones; social shaping of technology


Dr Afroditi-Maria Koulaxi
Guest Teacher

Interests and expertise: identity; mediation; crisis; encounters; reflexivity


Dr Ewa Majczak
Guest Teacher and ERSC Postdoctoral Fellow

Interests and expertiseCameroon; West Africa; gender; young women; beauty; fashion; photography; digital economies; visual technologies; intimacy; emotions; affect; digital capitalism

Visiting and associate staff

ahmet atay

Professor Ahmet Atay
Visiting Senior Fellow

Interests and expertise: media and film studies; new media studies; cultural studies; queer theory and gender studies; globalization; postcolonial and decolonial studies; autoethnography

Bermal Aydin

Dr Bermal Aydin
Visiting Fellow

Interests and expertise: media governance; media citizenship; communication law; communication contexts


Professor Sarah Banet-Weiser
Associate Faculty

Interests and expertise: gender; feminist theory; race and ethnicity; consumer culture; neoliberal capitalism; branding; popular culture; social media; youth culture

bendetta brevini

Professor Bendetta Brevini
Visiting Senior Fellow 

Interests and expertise: political economy of communications; climate change and the media; environmental communication; platform capitalism; AI and sustainability; greening AI; media reforms; public interest and public service media


Dr Sally Broughton Micova
Visiting Fellow

Interests and expertise: media and communications policy in Europe; rise of competitive authoritarianism; consequences of convergence and globalization in creative and communications industries


Dr Patricio Cabello
Visiting Senior Fellow

Interests and expertise: digital skills; social uses of media; digital media and education; 21st Century Skills         


Dr Helena Chmielewska-Szlajfer
Visiting Fellow, Akademia Leona Koźmińskiego

Interests and expertise: political communication; journalism; political commentary


Dr Paolo Dini
Senior Visiting Research Fellow

Interests and expertise: complementary currencies and the political economy of sustainable development


Dr Berfin Emre Cetin
Senior Visiting Fellow

Interests and expertise: nationalism; gender; migration; audience in the context of media


Dr Torsten Geelan
Visiting Fellow

Interests and expertiselabour movements; media power; just transitions; alternatives to capitalism 


Dr Kate Gilchrist
Visiting Fellow and Guest Teacher

Interests and expertise: gender; subjectivity; postfeminism; popular culture; self narrative; psychosocial theory; discourse analysis; intersectionality


Dr Leslie Haddon 
Guest Teacher

Interests and expertise: ICT consumption and domestication; children and the Internet; mobile phones; social shaping of technology


Professor Alison Harcourt 
Visiting Professor

Interests and expertise: Media and communications regulation; internet governance; press and broadcasting policy. 

Velislava Hillman

Dr Velislava Hillman
Visiting Fellow

Interests and expertise: education technologies; educational data; digital media literacy; children and young people’s digital rights; creativity; mediated learning

Jonathan Ilan (002)

Dr Jonathan Ilan
Visiting Senior Fellow

Interests and expertise: cultural production; cultural identity; cultural industries; news media; news organisations; news production; international news media; news technologies; visual culture; photojournalism; live-broadcast technologies; qualitative research methods; media ethnography; visual analysis 

Yasemin İnceoğlu

Professor Yasemin Inceoglu
Visiting Professor 

Interests and expertise: hate speech; media literacy; discriminative discourse; media coverage of others

Baharul Islam

Professor Baharul Islam
Visiting Professor

Interests and expertise: communications strategy; media; films; public policy; governance; information and communications planning



Dr Anthony Kelly
Visiting Fellow

Interests and expertise: political consumption; selective exposure; partisan media; platform economies; online political talk; user-generated media; comparative politics; social conflict; discourse; affect; identity; voice


Baroness Beeban Kidron OBE
Visiting Professor in Practice

Interests and expertise: children's rights in the digital age; internet policy; data protection

angelos kissas2

Dr Angelos Kissas
Visiting Fellow

Interests and expertise: populism in the digital age; ideology and power in mediatised politics; politics of victimhood and (in)justice in social media; multimodal and critical discourse analysis 

sebastian lehuede 2021

Dr Sebastián Lehuedé
Visiting Fellow

Interests and expertise: digital technologies; data governance; decolonial theory; Latin America


Professor Asko Lehmuskallio
Visiting Professor

Interests and expertise: practice theory; media anthropology; network cameras; privacy and boundary regulation; the face

Jim UTS Photo

Professor Jim Macnamara 
Visiting Professor

Interests and expertise: measurement; evaluation; organisational listening; public communication


Dr José-Carlos Mariátegui
Visiting Senior Fellow

Interests and expertise: art and technology; media archaeology; digitisation; memory organisations; media industry


Claire Milne
Senior Visiting Fellow

Interests and expertise: consumer affairs; consumer representation; nuisance calls; numbering; telecommunications policy; telecommunications regulation; universal service


Dr Rian Mulcahy
LSE Fellow, LSE 100

Interests and expertise: economic sociology, sociology of markets, valuation studies.


Hannu Nieminen 2020

Professor Hannu Nieminen
Visiting Professor

Interests and expertise: communication and democracy; theories of the public sphere; European media and communications policy; media regulation; communication rights


Dr Jedrzej Niklas
Visiting Fellow

Interests and expertise: state and technology; human rights; data protection; data and discrimination; bureaucracy and public institutions; surveillance studies; civil society and participation; political theory

Gabriel Pereira

Dr Gabriel Pereira 
Visiting Fellow

Interests and expertise: critical algorithim studies; resistance; antagonism


Dr Sine Plambech
Visiting Professor 

Interests and expertise: international migration; human trafficking; smuggling; border politics; refugees; women's migration; sexual violence; deportations; sex work; marriage migration; documentary film; visual anthropology; creative writing; Nigeria, Thailand, Italy; Denmark

Kruakae Pothong

Dr Kruakae Pothong
Visiting Fellow

Interests and expertise: design-led research; deliberative methods; human-computer interaction; digital ethics; internet of things; internet and related policies; user research


Dr Miriam Rahali
Visiting Fellow

Interests and expertise: advertising and branding; children and media; consumer behaviour; crisis communication; digital inequalities; generations; gender; inclusive education; parenting; representation; research methods


Dr Maggie Scammell
Visiting Staff

Interests and expertise: political communications, especially political campaigning; media and elections; governments and news management; political marketing and political journalism


Professor Philip Schlesinger
Visiting Professor, University of Glasgow

Interests and expertise: cultural policy; digital cultures; post-truth and the politics of expertise; creative and cultural industries; collective identity

hannele seeck

Professor Hannele Seeck
Visiting Professor 

Interests and expertise: organisational communications; crisis communications; ideology; discourse; propaganda; Foucault; governmentality; Critical Management Studies 


Professor Julian Sefton-Green
Visiting Professor 

Interests and expertise: media education; creativity; digital childhoods; informal learning


Theresa Seipp 
Polis Newsroom Fellow

Interests and expertise: media law, pluralism, opinion power, platforms


Jonny Shipp
Visiting Fellow

Interests and expertise: sustainability, accountability corporate purpose and ethics in relation to digitalisation; online platforms and Internet services


Dr Johanna Sumiala
Visiting Fellow

Interests and expertise: media and social theory; ritual; death; religion; digital anthropology

marek trosynski

Dr Marek Troszynski
Visiting Senior Fellow

Interests and expertise: media content analysis, corpus-assisted discourse studies


Dr Jane Vincent
Visiting Fellow

Interests and expertiseyouth and the Internet; mobile communications; emotion and ICTs; telecommunications history


Dr Nina Vindum Rasmussen
LSE Fellow, LSE100

Interests and expertise: algorithmic culture; media production; creative industries; digital platforms; cultural labour; qualitative research methods


Dr Saskia Witteborn 
Senior Visiting Fellow

Interests and expertiseDigital migration studies; Technology and the geopolitics of belonging; Migration into immersive realities; Cultural communication; Philosophy of Communication; Language and social interaction


Dr Jun Yu

Visting Fellow and Guest Teacher

Interests and expertisealgorithmic culture; data privacy; platformisation; datafied education; social theory

Research and project staff


Emma Goodman
Policy Officer, Media@LSE

Interests and expertise: media policy; fake news; e-campaigning; national and international news journalism; media and development


Dr Ewa Majczak
ERSC Postdoctoral Fellow

Interests and expertiseCameroon; West Africa; gender; young women; beauty; fashion; photography; digital economies; visual technologies; intimacy; emotions; affect; digital capitalism

diego martinez

Diego Martinez 
Research Fellow, REMEDIS project 

Interests and expertiseDigital inclusion; ICT4D; Digital literacy

Esra Ozkan

Esra Ozkan
Table Co-Director, Justice, Equity and Technology

Interests and expertise: social justice; anti-racism; social action; movement building; network development


Sanne Stevens
Table Co-Director, Justice, Equity and Technology

Interests and expertise: politics of data-driven automation; demystifying technologies; digital welfare state; organising; social justice; anti-racism; repression


Dr Mariya Stoilova
Research Officer, Global Kids Online

Interests and expertise: digital technologies, well-being, and family support; social change and transformations of intimate life; citizenship and social inequalities


Tshepo Tshabalala
JournalismAI Project Manager, Polis

Interests and expertiseJournalism, media innovation, social media

PhD researchers and alumni

Job opportunities

  • We welcome enquiries from exceptional postdoctoral candidates who wish to join the Department with a funded Early Career Research Fellowship. See here for more information about fellowships we are able to host.