Dr Kruakae Pothong

Dr Kruakae Pothong

Visiting Fellow

Department of Media and Communications

English, Spanish
Key Expertise
Design-led research

About me

Dr Kruakae Pothong is a researcher at 5Rights. Her current research focuses on children’s education data and child-centred design of digital services. Her broader research interests span the areas of human-computer interaction, digital ethics, data protection, Internet and other related policies. Dr Pothong specialises in designing social-technical research, using deliberative methods to elicit human values and expectations of technological advances, such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and distributed ledgers. The value of these deliberative methods lies in its use of people’s experience with familiar technologies as a bridge, connecting people with the less familiar or emerging technologies, so that they can meaningfully contribute to and engage in the development of these emerging technologies. She has applied these methods across various application areas, such as agriculture, ambient environment, electricity generation and consumption management, and worked with various user groups, including young people, adults and people with hearing loss.

Dr Pothong will be working with Professor Sonia Livingstone in the Department of Media and Communications on the Digital Futures Commission project.

Expertise Details

Design-led research; Deliberative methods; Human-computer interaction; Digital ethics; Internet of Things; Internet and related policies; User research