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PhD Researchers

Current PhD Researchers in the Department of Media and Communications

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Husseina Ummayma Ahmed-2018

Husseina Ummayma Ahmed

Project: The construction of the Northern Nigerian woman through the coverage of the Boko Haram crisis

Ville Aula-2018

Ville Aula

Project: Hacking big data into knowledge: experts, data, and material practices in civic hacking

Lewis Bush (credit Marin Avram)

Lewis Bush

Project: The implications of automation and artificial intelligence for visual journalism


Cerian Calonmôr

Project: “Treat Yo’ Self” - The Commodification and Co-Option of Activist Self-Care


Ronggan Chen

Project: Networked Young Chinese: a discourse analysis of nationalism in contemporary China


Vanessa Ciccone

Project: Inclusivity at digital media organizations: negotiating ideologies through discourse

Louise Marie Hurel

Louise Marie Hurel Silva Dias

Project: Shifting Infrastructures of Power: repurposing knowledge and configuring maintenance in cybersecurity governance


Kate Gilchrist

Project: Singledom and female subjectivity: fantasy, popular culture and lived experience


Zoë Glatt

Project: "Don’t forget to like, subscribe and turn on the bell notifications!" An Ethnography of YouTube Creators’ Labour


Kat Higgins 

Project: (In)secure Australia: policing, legitimacy and the mediated subject of security


Runze Hu

ProjectThe Cultural Dynamics and Use of Immersive Virtual Environment Technologies in Users' Everyday Life


Anthony Kelly

Project: Voices of outrage: online partisan media, user-generated news commentary, and the contested boundaries of American conservatism during the 2016 US presidential election


Ruhi Khan

Project: Feminism 3.0 and the Black Box Society: Encountering gendered violence in the age of artificial intelligence  


Paula Kiel

Project: Digital afterlives and the transcendence industry: contemporary social constructions of death in Western societies


Nora Kroeger

Project: Civil society stakeholders in media governance: An exploratory study on the impact of civic participation on media policy-making in the Taiwanese Anti-Media Monopoly case

Jessica Kong 2018

Jessica Kong

Project: Protest music: Exerting emotional-musical power in connective action


Afroditi-Maria Koulaxi

Project: The mediation of migration


Sebastian Lehuede

Project: Data Governance, Collective Autonomy, Decolonial Thinking


Winnie-M-Li (2)

Winnie (Winifred) Li

Project: Silences, identity, and a 'remaking of the self': Exploring social media narratives by rape survivors

Songyin Liu

Songyin Liu

Project: Perceived internet anonymity and transgender identity in contemporary China


Ludmila Lupinacci Amaral

Project: Live, here and now: experiences of immediate connection through social media

Henry Lyons

Henry Lyons

ProjectLessons for democracy from the ‘ground up’: An ethnography of how ‘third spaces’ contribute to political participation and wider political life

Joao Magalhaes 2018

João Carlos Magalhães

Project: Civic voice and imaginaries of algorithmic visibility during the Brazilian political crisis


George Maier

Project: Valued capital(s) and devalued labour in London’s “Gig Economy”


Eleonora Maria Mazzoli

Project: Governing digital societies: powers and counter-powers of the European audiovisual media industry in a datafied-networked society


Rodrigo Muñoz-González

Project: The nostalgia economy: Netflix and new audiences in the digital age


Vaios Papanagnou

Project: Social media and the transformation of journalism

Gianfranco Polizzi

Gianfranco Polizzi

Project: Critical digital literacy and civic, political participation: IT/media specialists’ and activists’ utopian/dystopian imaginaries of the Internet


Miriam Rahali

Project: Gender, media and consumer behavior


Gal Ravia

Project: Live memory: Holocaust memory and the holographic encounter


Paul Rohde

Project: Thriving families in the Digital Age: Advancing our understanding of the relationship between family well-being, family values, and self-directed experimentation with digital media and technology


Rob Sharp

Project: Cultural citizenship and participatory creative practice as alternative media


Svetlana Smirnova

Project: Self in self-tracking: exploring the implications of the practice on our sense of selfhood


Tijana Stolic

Project: Media depictions of trafficked women

Richard Stupart

Richard Stupart

Project: Bearing witness: The practice and discourse of journalist witnessing in South Sudan


David Threlfall

ProjectBritish campaign rhetoric and its relation to the evolution of the communications environment and the public sphere, 1945-2019


Asha Titus

Project: Datafication of Government: Mapping Data-driven practices in Public Sector Service Delivery


Anri Van Der Spuy

Anri Van Der Spuy

ProjectDigital inequality in the global South: from an Internet of Opportunity to an Internet of Risk?


Ziyan Wang

Project: Imagining an emancipatory labour movement? The mediated political struggle of Chinese migrant workers in transitional China


Hao Wu

Project: Media, individualisation, and changing family relations in contemporary China

Chenhao Ye

Chenhao Ye

Project: The transformation of the Party-state’s policy on digital news media in China: Political Economy, Hegemony and Stratification  


Ssu-Han Yu

Project: Mediating democratic politics: Generational understanding of democracy and identification with Taiwan


Floyd Zhou

Project: Second-generation factory Nongmingong’s use of ICTs in Post-Mao China

Female silhouette

Xiaoxi Zhu

Project: Globalization of the Chinese film industry: Representation, nationalism, power struggle