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Directed by Dr Seeta Peña Gangadharan, Media@LSE aims to encourage informed and insightful discussion around the vital role of media and communications in contemporary society, bringing the research and expertise of our department to a wider audience that includes fellow academics, policy makers, journalists, media industry professionals and civil society.

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Polis: Journalism and Society

Directed by Professor Charlie Beckett, the Polis blog is aimed at working journalists, people in public life and students in the UK and around the world. It is committed to promoting open and substantial dialogue on the changing structures, policies and practices of journalism, inviting diverse stakeholders to reflect on the dilemmas that journalism faces today.

Parenting for a digital future

Parenting for a Digital Future

Directed by Professor Sonia Livingstone, the PD4F blog explores the task of parenting for a digital future – both in the UK and internationally. It is part of a research project examining a host of linked questions currently absorbing parents and the wider public, as they reflect on and manage their daily lives, as well as policy-makers trying to shape the digital future and social scientists keen to track key trends.

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