Dr Maggie Scammell

Dr Maggie Scammell

Visiting Staff

Department of Media and Communications

Key Expertise
Political communications

About me

Maggie Scammell was a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Media and Communications at the LSE for 11 until 2010, and has continued to be associated with the department since then as a visitor. Before coming to the LSE she was a lecturer at the School of Politics and Communications at the University of Liverpool, and a Research Fellow at Joan Shorenstein Center for Press/Politics, at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University. She took her PhD at the LSE, investigating the Thatcher government's use of marketing and public relations. Before joining the academy, she worked as a journalist for newspapers, magazines and television, writing and researching on a variety of subjects including general elections, gay politics and sport.

Research interests

Maggie's research interests are in political communications, especially political campaigning, media and elections, governments and news management, political marketing and political journalism.  Current research projects include populist political communication and its impact on mainstream party communication; and women in politics, focusing on the rise of women to heads of governments around the world.


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