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Online learning resources

"A revolutionary moment in the world's history is a time for revolutions, not for patching." William Beveridge, 1942 

Our online learning resources include resources for schools, recorded events, and online exhibits and collections.

Online learning resources for schools

LSE Library produces education resources for schools, from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 5, including presentations and teachers' notes. You can download these freely on our Times Education Supplement ‘Shop’.

Topics include:

You can also access a variety of resources related to past Library exhibitions, on topics such as peace and the League of Nations, women's rights, and the making of the welfare state.

Key Stage 1 and 2

A look at the life of William Beveridge, Baron Beveridge (1879-1963) who was a social reformer and architect of the Beveridge Report, which led to the National Health Service and welfare state.

Includes a powerpoint, teachers notes with ideas for activities and flashcards and a telegram template.

Curriculum links for Key Stage One

History: Significant People and Events, aspects of change in national life, events within living memory, World War II and post 1945 to the present.

Literacy: Learning new words and meanings, writing short sentences.

PSHE: healthcare, understanding society, British values

Key Stage 3 (can be adapted for GCSE) resources

We have produced Teachers' Notes and Lesson Presentations for use in teaching key stage three history that are informed by the content of and LSE archive material.

The resources can be used to support teaching ‘Challenges for Britain and the wider world 1901 to the present day’.

Sixth Form / A Level resources

Original archive sources and supporting material around the 1942 Beveridge Report and its impact on the 1945 General Election. Transcripts and images of original documents are provided on the PowerPoint slides and the teachers’ notes provide contextual and background information for the Beveridge Report and the Creation of the Welfare State.

Primary Sources to understand responses in the period to unemployment and the development of broadcast media in Britain for AS / A-Level History.

Eye Witnesses to Peace 1918-20: Forming the League of Nations

An education resource for one or two lessons focusing on individuals who witnessed the aftermath of the First World War in Britain and Europe and tried to improve the fragile peace through documents from LSE Archives, including the Women’s Library Collection. These notes and presentation cover ‘Peace-making’ and the formation of The League of Nations for the early part of the ‘inter-war years 1918-1939’ topic at GCSE level, with extra content that can be adapted for A Level. A Level and / or Citizenship sections are marked in orange.

A child is pointing at a quote: "A country is not only what it does, it is also what it tolerates", Kurt Tucholsky 1933.
Another Brick in the Wall workshop, LSE Festival March 2019

Recorded events and podcasts

A number of past Library events are available as podcasts or video recordings, including talks from our 2018 programme on women’s suffrage. You can also listen to our past Library exhibition podcasts.

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Installation of art work from schools, LSE festival March 2020

Online exhibitions and collections

Our collections are available online in a range of forms, including online exhibits and 100s of freely downloadable images. 

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