LSE Data Analytics Career Accelerator: How to Get a Career in Data

With the job market for data analysts booming, it's an exciting time to enter the field of data. We sat down with three learners on the LSE Data Analytics Career Accelerator to find out how the course helped them secure a new role in data.

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With the demand for data analysts soaring over the past few years, it's an exciting time to enter the field of data. We sat down with three learners on the LSE Data Analytics Career Accelerator to find out how the course helped them secure a new role in data. 

Data Analyst

What is the demand for data skills?

"Many more companies are looking for data analysts, scientists, and engineers. Those skills are becoming more and more valuable, so it’s harder for us to hire and find that talent."

Danilo Sato, Head of Data and AI Services, Thoughtworks

Due to the increasing volume of data, the need for organisations to remain competitive, the importance of data-driven decision-making, and technological advancements, the job market for data analysts is booming in almost every industry.

In 2023, the World Economic Forum found that ‘Data Analysts and Scientists’ roles were in the top 10 jobs expected to grow fastest between 2023 and 2027, and specialist recruiter Robert Walters’ The Future of Data report found that over 80% of all tech vacancies in the UK are for either data analysts, data engineers, or data scientists.

What is The LSE Data Analytics Career Accelerator?

Taking place across 6 months and developed in collaboration with leading technology companies, the LSE online Data Analytics Career Accelerator provides you with the technical skills and problem-solving competencies desired by top employers.

You’ll develop fundamental data analytics competencies with immediate and long-term relevance in the digital economy. You’ll be introduced to the core concepts of data analysis, learn to use visualisations to communicate insights through storytelling, and apply technical knowledge of programming to business use-cases. With input from leading technology companies, you’ll engage directly with the tools used in industry and practise their use in project-based exercises. 

Will the programme help me get a career in data?

"It’s never too late, there are always possibilities to reskill or upskill."

Dr James Abdey, Course Convenor on The Data Analytics Career Accelerator

The LSE Data Analytics Career Accelerator gives you the technical data analytics skills and exposure to top employers to stand out in the digital economy, whether you’re looking to start your career in data, advance your career with new data skills, or change to a data career from something totally different. 87.5% of learners achieve their desired career goals within 6 months of completing a career accelerator, and we offer high-touch, dedicated support from academics, industry experts and career coaches to help you achieve this too.

We recently sat down with past learners from the programme to learn more about how the programme helped them change their career. Our conversations revealed the main thing learners worried about was whether they would really succeed in transitioning to a new career. Here’s a few of their stories:

  • Ash secured a job as a senior data engineer at Citywire in just three months. After being self-employed and out of the job market for 19 years, the programme gave him the skills and direction he needed to launch a new phase of his career.

“Enrolling in the course was the best career decision I have made.” Ash Johnson, Senior Data Engineer

  • Elodie thought it was too late to gain new skills and change her career after 16 years in education. The Data Analytics Career Accelerator helped her gain the skills – and confidence – to go from being a teacher to a data scientist.

I thought it was too late for me to do something completely different. I did think, ‘Am I out of my mind to resign from my very comfortable teaching job, and launch myself into the unknown?’ But the course instilled in me such confidence that I handed in my notice before I got a job. I thought I’m just going to go for it, and it’s paid off - it’s been life changing.” Elodie Hudson, former teacher, now lead data scientist.

  • Megan wanted to move out of her managerial role into a technical data role, which the programme helped her achieve. She said she was able to immediately apply the skills she learnt in her new job.

Hear more from our learners

Hear more about the highlights different learners experienced during The LSE Data Analytics Career Accelerator.

For Elodie, gaining confidence in programming languages showed her that it wasn't too late to change her career. Sam got a boost from working on a real-world business project that gave him responsibilities within a team and allowed him to make a meaningful impact.

For Hussien and Paul, it was the 'light bulb' moments that they experienced as they got more comfortable with the course content that really stood out and made them feel excited about where they could take their careers in the future.

Highlights of the LSE Data Analytics Career Accelerator | Hear from past learners

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