The Americas in World History

International History Research Cluster

 The Americas Research Cluster brings together researchers working on national, transnational and comparative analysis of the Caribbean, the United States and Latin America and their connections to other parts of the world. Within this geographic focus, a range of fields and topics are explored including, but not limited to, international relations, empire, revolutions, settler colonialism, development, security, violence, migration, race, gender, environment, and public diplomacy.

The cluster group meets termly to workshop research, discuss emerging topics across subfields, and invite external speakers to engage in a dialogue relevant to the study of the Americas.

Spokesperson: Dr Thomas Ellis

Keywords: Caribbean, Latin America, United States, empire, settler colonialism, Atlantic World, revolutions, development, post-1945, Cold War, security, public diplomacy, race, gender, international relations, inter-American system, violence, power. 

Faculty members

Anna Cant

Dr Anna Cant
Assistant Professor

Research interests:
Mass communication; Modern Latin American History; Rural Development


Professor Steven Casey
Professor of International History

Research interests:
20th-Century United States


Dr Thomas Ellis
LSE Teaching Fellow

Research interests:
US Foreign Policy; US-Russian Relations; Cold War; Aerospace History; Cultural History; Utopianism


Dr Tanya Harmer
Associate Professor

Research interests:
Latin America; Cold War


Dr Elizabeth Ingleson
Assistant Professor

Research interests:
United States History; Chinese History; Trade; Labour; Diplomacy; Multinational Corporations


Professor Matthew Jones
Professor of International History

Research interests:
British Foreign and Defence Policy since the Second World War; Nuclear History during the Cold War; Vietnam War; British Decolonisation and South East Asia; US Foreign Relations since 1941; Anglo-American Relations


Dr Victoria Phillips
Visiting Fellow

Research interests:
Cold War; Cultural Diplomacy; International Relations; Gender and Biography


Dr Jake Subryan Richards
Assistant Professor

Research interests:
African Diaspora, Legal History, West Africa, Latin America, Caribbean

Dr Imaobong Umoren

Dr Imaobong Umoren
Associate Professor

Research interests:
Race and Gender in the Caribbean; 19th and 20th Century Wider African Diaspora

PhD Students

Selected publications


8 March 2022: Dr Samuel Zipp (Brown University) and Professor Blanche Wiesen Cook (City University New York) - Biographies of Interwar-Isms Seminar Series: One World: Wendell Willkie, Eleanor Roosevelt, and the Quest for a United World (co-organised with the Contemporary International History and the Global Cold War Research Cluster)

8 February 2022: Professor Ricardo López-Pedreros (UCL) - Seminar Series, First Talk: Elites and Middle Classes: Rethinking Class Struggles in Cold War Latin America (co-organised with LSE Latin America and Caribbean Centre)

October to December 2021: Seminar Series: Race, Gender and Politics in the US (co-organised with LSE Phelan United States Centre)

12 October 2021: Dr Anna Cant (LSE International History) and Professor Paulo Drinot (UCL) - Book Launch: Land Without Masters: Agrarian Reform and Political Change Under Peru's Military Government

8 February 2021: Dr Teasel Muir-Harmony (Smithsonian) - Book Talk: Operation Moonglow: A Political History of Project Apollo

30 November 2020: Dr Kaeten Mistry (University of East Anglia) Dr Hannah Gurman (New York University) and Professor Andrew Preston (University of Cambridge) - Book Talk: Whistleblowing Nation: The History of US National Security Disclosures

17 November 2020: Dr Simon Miles (Duke University) - Book Talk: The Beginning of the End of the Cold War

20 October 2020: Dr Stephen Wertheim (Columbia) - Book Talk: How the United States Decided to Dominate the World

10 March 2020: Dr Victoria Phillips (Columbia) and Dr Stacey Prickett (Roehampton) - Book Launch: Martha Graham's Cold War: The Dance of American Diplomacy

4 March 2020: Professor Alan McPherson (Temple University) - Book Talk: The Letelier Assassination: Human Rights against Fascism in the Americas

27 January 2020: “Crafting the Resistance: Chilean resistance then and Now” - an International History public event including a documentary screening and panel discussion on political resistance in Chile.

11 December 2019: workshop of articles by PhD student Molly Avery and PhD graduate Eline van Ommen for a forthcoming special issue on Nicaragua

30 October 2019: Dr Imaobong Umoren, Christina Ivey (LSE Government) and Eileen Gbagbo (LSE International Relations) - Black History Month: Négritude: From Poetry to Politics

15 May 2019: International History and LACC, workshop on "International, Transnational, and Global Histories of the Nicaraguan Revolution, 1977-1990" organised by Dr Tanya Harmer and Eline van Ommen

19 and 22 March 2019: International History and LACC,  Ernesto Dominguez López (University of Havana), lecture and seminar primarily for IH students but open to all, "Cuba-US Relations in the 21st Century"

February 2018: workshop of new research by Dr Anna Cant

May 2018: 40th Anniversary of the Nicaraguan Revolution, a one-day workshop sponsored by Dr Tanya Harmer and Eline van Ommen

Late Summer 2018: LSE International Drug Policy Unit, Universidad de Los Andes and Northwestern University to host a History Conference in Colombia

Research projects

Research grants

Dr Imaobong Umoren, 2018: AHRC Network Grant on Co-Investigator project, "Black Female Intellectuals in Historical and Contemporary Context".

The project will facilitate interdisciplinary and cross-national dialogue among scholars and activists in the fields of literary studies, history, politics, and visual culture from the UK, US, Australia, Europe, the Caribbean and Africa working on transatlantic black female intellectuals (both from an historical and contemporary perspective) in the black diaspora. The project will also work with race equality ThinkTank, the Runnymede Trust and the partnership project, History and Policy. Dr Umoren will be working with Dr Becky Fraser from UEA who is the PI.

Dr Victoria Phillips, 2017: Harriman Institute Publication Grant.

Other news



'Internationalising Revolution', a special issue of the journal The Americas, is published drawing together papers exploring the international, transnational and global dimensions of the Nicaraguan Revolution. The issue grew out of a May 2019 workshop hosted by the cluster and co-sponsored by the LSE Latin America and Caribbean Centre and inclues papers by cluster members Dr Eline van Ommen and Molly Avery.


Dr Megan Black's The Global Interior: Mineral Frontiers and American Power (Harvard University Press, 2018) won the annual British Association for American Studies (BAAS) prize for best book; the George Perkins Marsh Prize for best book in environmental history in 2018; and the Stuart L. Bernath Book Prize for best first book in the history of international relations from the Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations (SHAFR).

Dr Anna Cant presented a paper. “Competing Visions of Peasant Mobilisation in Peru’s Agrarian Reform", at the European Rural History Organisation Conference in Paris (September 2019).


Major Book Awards:

Podcast "The Left in Latin America" with Dr Tanya Harmer and Eline Van-Ommen, was released.

Dr Megan Black spearheaded debates over archival processing, "The U.S. Department of the Interior's request to destroy files with the National Archives and Records Administration".