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The Department organises an exciting range of social events and seminar/ film series throughout the year. Come and join us for some fun and informal talks with leading historians. For any queries, please email our events organiser.

27 September 2021 - "The Emperor in World History"


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In the Shadows of the Gods

Monday, 27 September 2021, 6pm-7.30pm, room TBC

Join us for the first student event of the Michaelmas Term!

Emeritus Professor Dominic Lieven will give a lecture based on his forthcoming book, In the Shadow of the Gods. The Emperor in World History. The book is about a job (ruling an empire) and - above all - about the people who did that job from the earliest empires of the third millennium BCE until the twentieth century and across the globe. It is in part a collective biography, in part a study in rulership, and in part an anatomy of hereditary imperial monarchy as a political system. It looks at supreme power in differing dynastic, political, religious and cultural contexts. At the core of the book – and therefore of the lecture – is the question about structure and human agency in history.



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