Welcome events for postgraduate students

One of the joys of teaching and learning at LSE is how diverse our community is with people from all over the world and people with very diverse backgrounds.

Professor Piers Ludlow

Welcome to the Department of International History, we're so excited you're now part of LSE!

Below you will find all the Department's Welcome events which you should attend as a postgraduate student.

Wednesday 22 September 2021 - MSc Campus Enrolment

Campus enrolment for MSc students

11.30am-12.30pm | Hong Kong Theatre

Campus enrolment for International History taught graduate students takes place in the Hong Kong Theatre at different times during the morning, depending on your programme. Find out what time is your enrolment session on campus.

Campus enrolment should take around 15 minutes to complete but times do vary depending on how busy we get.

There will be signs and staff on hand to help you when you arrive.

To find out where the venue is located please visit Maps and Directions.

For details of what you need to bring with you please visit what to bring to campus enrolment.

Please ensure you have completed online pre-enrolment before campus enrolment. Read more

Thursday 23 September 2021 - MSc Inductions and Reception

Induction for MA Modern History

10am-11pm | CBG.2.06

Induction with Programme Director Dr Svetozar Rajak.

Induction for MSc International and Asian History students

10.30am-11.30pm | NAB.2.09

Induction with Programme Director Dr Gagan D. S. Sood.

Induction for MSc Empires, Colonialism and Globalisation students

11am-12pm | NAB.2.14

Induction with Programme Director Dr Taylor C. Sherman.

Induction for LSE-PKU Double MSc Degree in International Affairs students

12pm-1pm | 32L.G.08

Induction with Programme Director Dr Anna Cant.

Induction for LSE-Columbia University Double MSc in International and World History students

1pm-2pm | 32L.LG.08

Induction with Programme Director Dr David Motadel.

Induction for MSc History of International Relations students

2pm-3pm | 32L.LG.03

Induction with Masters Tutor Dr Antony Best.

Induction for MSc Theory and History of International Relations students

3pm-4pm | CBG.1.07

Induction with Programme Director Dr Svetozar Rajak.

Welcome reception for postgraduate students

4.45pm-6.15pm | NAB.LG.01

This will be an opportunity for you to meet students in your cohort and faculty in an informal atmosphere.


Friday 24 September 2021 - PhD Induction and Treasure Hunt

PhD Induction Day

10am-4pm | NAB.1.18

Attend this induction with Programme Director Dr Tanya Harmer.

International History Postgraduate Treasure Hunt

From 1pm | London

You will be matched with International History students to form a team to complete a treasure hunt around Holborn, Covent Garden and South Bank area. Your team will have to complete as many questions and challenges as you can. The hunt will take up to two hours, and the game is run through an app.

If you wish to register to attend, please RSVP to ih.events@lse.ac.uk by Friday 17 September.

Monday 27 September 2021 - "The Emperor in World History"

Lecture with Professor Dominic Lieven

6pm-7.30pm | Room TBC

The lecture is based on Dominic Lieven’s forthcoming book, In the Shadow of the Gods. The Emperor in World History. The book is about a job (ruling an empire) and - above all - about the people who did that job from the earliest empires of the third millennium BCE until the twentieth century and across the globe. It is in part a collective biography, in part a study in rulership, and in part an anatomy of hereditary imperial monarchy as a political system. It looks at supreme power in differing dynastic, political, religious and cultural contexts. At the core of the book – and therefore of the lecture – is the question about structure and human agency in history.


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