MPhil/PhD workshop and seminars



Students registered for the MPhil/PhD in International History are required in their first year to attend the Department's research training programme: HY501 - Research Student Workshop. Students are also advised to attend relevant seminars organised within the other colleges of the University of London or the School, such as the ones below.

You can find more information on the Department's courses in LSE research course guides.

HY501 - International History MPhil/PhD Research Training Workshop

The purpose of this workshop is to familiarise new MPhil/PhD students with the practical research and writing skills necessary for the preparation of a first-rate PhD thesis in history, and to discuss some general methodological and theoretical issues in international history as a research field.

Schedule of meetings 2020-21 (access it on Moodle)

Convenor: Dr Tanya Harmer

HY509 - International History Research Seminar

All International History PhD students are invited to attend HY509 during term time. In Michaelmas Term 2020, sessions will be hosted on Zoom from 4pm to 6pm BST/GMT.

The seminar is organised by the doctoral students in the Department and includes both internal and external speakers. Attendance is mandatory for all of the Department's research students who have passed their upgrade and are present in London.

The HY509 programme for 2020/21 is listed below. Papers will be circulated in advance and can also be access below with a password. Participation is open to all, including non-LSE staff and students. External visitors will be required to pre-register through Eventbrite. Log in details will be sent via EventBrite.

For further information please email the convenors.

Convenors: Caroline Cox, Charlotte Eaton and Caroline Green

Schedule of meetings 2020-21

*** Michaelmas Term ***

30 September 2020 | Register on EventBrite
Global Histories of Asian Experiments in Nationbuilding

Rong Wu (University of Cambridge): “Confronting the “European War” in Early Republican China: ROC’s Constitutional Process and the First World War

Agnik Bhattacharya (University of Delhi): “The Modernization Project: Examining the Global history of 19th and 20th century 'Islamic' Afghanistan

14 October 2020 | Register on EventBrite
In Search of International Solidarity

Dr Robert Power (LSE): “The Internationalisation of the Liberation Struggle in Zambia, c.1953-64

Colter Marinus Louwerse (University of Exeter): “‘Tyranny of the Veto’: PLO Diplomacy and the January 1976 UNSC Resolution

Alejandro Santistevan Gutti (CIDE, Mexico): “The foreign policy of Bolivia and Peru, 1968-1972: the limits of revolutionary nationalism in the Cold War

28 October 2020 | Register on EventBrite
Science and the Body in Colonial South Africa

Katherine Arnold (LSE): “From Humans to Objects: Commercial Skull Collecting in the Nineteenth-Century Cape Colony

Chelsea Davis (George Washington University): “Bones and Bisulphide of Carbon: Science, Knowledge, and the Objectification of Bodies in Nineteenth-Century Cape Vineyards

18 November 2020 | Register on EventBrite
Missionary Encounters in Colonial Societies

Dr Divya Kannan (Shiv Nadar University, India): “Caste(ing) Childhood: Missionaries and the Education of the Poor in Colonial South India

Eva Ward (University of Strathclyde): “International diplomacy and colonial drug policy in the Philippines, 1905-1940

2 December 2020 | Register on EventBrite
Discourse and Discord: Constitutional Reform in Britain

Ben Sayle (LSE): “‘Populist Constitutionalism:’ Unionist Responses to the 1909-11 Constitutional Crises

William Mitchell (LSE): “Reimagining the Constitution: Ministerial Responses to the Opponents in the Standing Army Debate, 1697-1702

*** Lent Term ***

3 February 2021 | Register on EventBrite
Transnational Perspectives from Nineteenth Century Spanish America: Rethinking Borders and Peripheries

Aleksandra Kaye (University College London): "Wielding the Power of Topography: Polish Participation in Materializing a Border in the Pampa in the 1870s"

Pablo Soffia Palma (University College London): "On Multiple Enlightenments: The Uses of Johannes Gottfried von Herder in the Global Americas, 1837- 1844"

17 February 2021 | Register on EventBrite
Tracing Hidden Advocates for Colonialism and Counter-Revolutionary Warfare

Nathan Grau (Harvard University): "Counter-Revolutionary Warfare Between Empires: A.J. Wilson and Franco-British Decolonization, 1945- 1962"

Gabriel Polley (University of Exeter): "Archaeologist and Coloniser: Claude Reignier Conder in Palestine"

10 March 2021 | Register on EventBrite
Uncovering the Agency of Marginalized Groups in Early 20th Century Colonial Societies

Femi Owolade (King's College London): "British Colonisation, Law and the Emancipation of Enslaved Women in Kano, Northern Nigeria: 1900-1920"

Sonali Dhanpal (Newcastle University): "Imagining Native Christian Spaces in Colonial Bangalore"

24 March 2021 | Register on EventBrite
Rethinking Anglo-American World War II-era Visions of Global Order

Grant Golub (LSE): "The American way of war? Rethinking the 1941 Victory Program and American Grand Strategy During the Second World War"

Andrew Ehrhardt (King's College London): "A 'Great Power Man'?: The International Thought of Charles Kingsley Webster"

HY510 - LSE-Sciences Po Seminar in Contemporary International History

Since 2014-2015, the Cold War Studies Project at LSE IDEAS, the Department of International History at LSE, and the Centre d’histoire de Sciences Po in Paris have co-organised the joint LSE-Sciences Po Seminar in Contemporary International History (HY510).

The seminar welcomes presentations on any aspect of contemporary international history, with a focus on the Cold War.

The seminar is open to all PhD students and staff at both LSE and Sciences Po. We also welcome outside participants: if you would like to take part in the seminar, please sign up via the relevant eventbrite link in the programme on the seminar page on the LSE IDEAS website. If you have any doubts or difficulties, please e-mail the course organiser.

More detais and seminar programme for 2020/21 can be found in the LSE IDEAS website.