Research course guides 2014/15

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AC500 Accounting, Organisations and Society

AC501 Empirical Financial Accounting and Capital Markets

AC502 Foundations of Accounting, Organizations and Institutions

AC550 Quantitative Methods in Accounting and Finance


AN500 Seminar on Anthropological Research

AN501 Field Research Seminar (Anthropology)

AN503 Thesis Writing Seminar

AN507 Theoretical Issues in Anthropology: Precepts and Practice II


DV500 Research Seminar in Development Studies

DV501 Development History, Theory and Policy for Research Students

DV510 Research Design and Proposal in International Development


EC501 Work in Progress Seminars

EC518 Topics in Advanced Econometrics for Research Students

EC532 International Economics for Research Students

EC533 Labour Economics for Research Students

EC534 Public Economics for Research Students

EC535 Development Economics for Research Students

EC536 Economics of Industry for Research Students

EC537 Microeconomic Theory for Research Students

EC539 Macroeconomics for Research Students

EC540 Political Economy

EC599 Research Paper in Economics


EH510 Seminar on Modern Economic History

EH518 Seminar on Comparative Economic History of Africa,Asia & Latin America

EH520 Approaches to Economic and Social History

EH590 Thesis Workshop in Economic History


EU550 Research Workshop in European Studies

EU554 Research Methods and Design in European Studies

EU555 Political Economy and Public Policy Workshop


FM502 Corporate Finance for Research Students

FM503 Asset Pricing for Research Students

FM505 PhD Seminar in Finance


GI500 Doctoral Workshop: Gender Institute


GV501 Doctoral Workshop: Political Theory

GV503 Political Philosophy Research Seminar

GV510 Ethnicity and Nationalism Research Workshop

GV513 Qualitative Methods in the Study of Politics

GV514 Political Science and Political Economy Doctoral Workshop

GV515 Researching People, Politics and Organisations

GV555 Political Economy and Public Policy Workshop

GV599 Research Prospectus in Political Science

GV5X1 Research Design in Political Science

GV5X2 Research Paper in Comparative Politics

GV5X3 Research Paper in European Politics and Policy

GV5X4 Research Paper in Global Politics

GV5X5 Research Paper in Political Science and Political Economy

GV5X6 Research Paper in Political Theory

GV5X7 Research Paper in Public Policy and Administration


GY500 Geographical Project Seminar

GY502 Staff / Research Students Seminars


HY501 International History Research Student Workshop

HY509 International History Research Seminar

HY510 Cold War History Research Seminar


ID501 Employment Relations and Organisational Behaviour Seminar


IR501 Methods in International Relations Research

IR502 International Theory Workshop

IR504 Foreign Policy Workshop

IR505 European International Politics Workshop

IR506 The South and World Politics

IR507 Research Seminar: International Institutions

IR509 International Relations Research Design Workshop

IR512 Research Workshop: Security, Conflict & Peace Studies

IR514 Middle East workshop for PhD students

IR516 Asia-Pacific Research Workshop

IR555 Political Economy and Public Policy Workshop


IS554 Information Systems PhD Seminar Series and Workshops

IS581 Interpretations of Information

IS592 Foundations of Social Research in Information Systems: Paradigms and Traditions


LL500 Doctoral Research Seminar


MA500 Mathematics: Research Seminar

MA501 Research Student Seminar


MC500 Research Seminar for Media, Communications & Culture

MC5M2 Advanced Methods of Research in Media & Communications (including Qualitative & Quantitative Analysis)


MY500 Fundamentals of Social Science Research Design

MY521 Qualitative Research Methods

MY526 Doing Ethnography

MY527 Qualitative Research With Non-Traditional Data

MY528 Qualitative Text Analysis

MY529 Special Topics in Qualitative Research: Introspection-based Methods in Social Research

MY530 Advanced Qualitative Research Workshops

MY551 Introduction to Quantitative Analysis

MY552 Applied Regression Analysis

MY555 Multivariate Analysis and Measurement

MY556 Survey Methodology

MY557 Casual Inference for Observational and Experimental Studies

MY559 Special Topics in Quantitative Analysis: Applied Statistical Computing

MY560 Workshop in Advanced Quantitative Analysis

MY591 Computing Packages for Applied Analysis

MY592 Workshop in Information Literacy: finding, managing and organising published research and data

MY593 Authoring a PhD and Developing as a Researcher

MY593A Authoring a PhD and Developing as a Researcher: Getting Started

MY593B Authoring a PhD and Developing as a Researcher: The Middle Years

MY593C Authoring a PhD and Developing as a Researcher: The End Game

MY599 Department of Methodology Seminar


PH500 Research Methods in Philosophy

PH501 Philosophical Problems Seminar

PH502 Reasoning and Logic

PH551 Research Seminar in the Philosophy of Natural Sciences

PH555 Research Seminar in the Philosophy of Economics and Social Sciences


PS950 Current Research in Social Psychology

PS960 Classical Texts in Social Psychology


SA550 Research Student Seminar


SO500 Research Class for MPhil Students

SO501 Research Students' Seminar

SO509 Research Seminar on Modern Theory

SO511 Research Seminar in Political Sociology