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Research Grants, Awards, Honours and Prizes

The following is a selection of research funding grants and awards received by the Department of Media and Communications.

Funding grants and awards






  • The Royal Society Newton International Fellowship. 'Alevi Television and the Making of Transnational Alevi Identity'. Total Budget: £90,000. Period: 10/2016 - 09/2018. (Cetin Berfin)
  • The Oxford Noble Foundation. 'The Future of Public Service Broadcasting: Poland in Comparative Perspective'. Total Budget: £50,000. Period: 10/2016 - 09/2017. (Charlie Beckett)
  • European Commission Horizon 2020 Marie-Curie European Individul Fellowship. Lukasz Szulc - 'Social Media and Identity from the Perspective of Diasporic LGBTQs'. Total budget: £134,796. Period: 10/2016 - 09/2018. (Myria Georgiou)
  • International Inequalities Institute Research Innovation Fund. ‘Network effects in digital exclusion: Social contextual explanations of the links between social and digital inequalities.’ Total Budget £9,945. Period: 1/8/2016 – 1/8/2016. (Ellen Helsper)
  • Prince’s Trust. ‘Socio-Digital Skills and Wellbeing of Disadvantaged Young people’. Total Budget £33,809. Period: 4/7/2016 – 9/12/2016 (Ellen Helsper)
  • New America. 'Our Data Bodies'. Total: £37,864. Period: 10/2016-03/2019. (Seeta Peña Gangadharan)




  • Open Society Foundation. Connecting Scholars and Civil Society: Building an International Media Policy Network. Total budget: £29,360; Period 01/11/13 - 31/10/14 (Damian Tambini
  • European Commission: EINS. STRUCTNET: Algebraic structures of Network. Total budget: 10,043 Euro; period 01/10/2013 - 30/09/14 (Paolo Dini)
  • European Commission FP7 Cooperation: COMPARE. Interdisciplinary explorations of self-organisation in practice. Budget of 1,846 Euro; period 10/13 - 09/14 (Paolo Dini)
  • John Fell Fund, University of Oxford:. From digital skills to tangible outcomes: improving measures and models of internet use. Total budget £27,885; period 08/13 - 03/14 (Ellen Helsper)
  • UNICEF Office of Research. 'Recommendations for developing UNICEF's global research strategy on children’s rights in a digital age'. Total Budget: €25,000. Period: 2013. (Sonia Livingstone)
  • European Commission FP7 People Marie-Curie: Upload. Budget of 177,910 Euro; period 03/13 - 02/15 (Myria Georgiou)
  • Marie Curie Inter-European Fellowship, (UPLOAD) Upload. Urban Politics of London Youngsters Analyzed Digitally. Total budget £231,283; period 2013-2015 (Koen Leurs)
  • LSE Seed Fund. Community through digital connectivity?  Total budget: £23,805.00; period 10/2013 - 09/2014 (Myria Georgiou & Sonia Livingstone)
  • LSE Seed Fund. Beyond 'Desperate Housewives'. Total budget: £17,589; period 01/07/2013 - 31/03/2014 (Shani Orgad)


  • European Commission FP7 People Marie-Curie: Mesaporus. Budget of 154,840 Euro; period 10/12 - 09/14 (Terhi Rantanen
  • Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC): Development Journalism Laboratory (Knowledge Exchange Opportunities). Budget of £45,389; period 10/12 -10/13 (Robin Mansell)
  • Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC): 'Sharing Voices: Youth and Community Media as a Civic Engagement'. Total Budget: £73,556; Period 09/12 - 8/13 (Alicia Blum-Ross)
  • Open Society Foundation. Media and Recent Political Changes in Some Arab Countries. Budget of £62,300; period 04/12 -03/13 (Charlie Beckett)


  • European Commission FP7 Cooperation: EU Kids Online III. Budget of 500K euros; period 12/11 - 11/14 (Sonia Livingstone)  
  • European Commission (Information Society and Media Directorate-General): partnership in European Network of Excellence on Internet Science. LSE Budget of 100,000 Euro; period 12/2011 - 06/2014 (Alison Powell and Paolo Dini
  • Open Society Foundation: Arab Revolutions: Media Revolutions. Budget of £12,608; period 12/2011 - 03/12 (Charlie Beckett)
  • Open Society Foundation: Facilitating Academic and Civil Society Engagement in Media Policy Debates. Budget of £31,000; period 08/11 - 02/13 (Damian Tambini)
  • UC Humanities Research Institute: Methodologies for Researching Connected Learning. Budget of £12,984 period 07/11 - 06/12 (Sonia Livingstone)
  • UC Humanities Research Institute: Distributed Research Learning Network. Budget of £18,588; period 06/11 - 11/11 (Sonia Livingstone
  • The MacArthur Foundation: The Class, part of the Connected Learning Research Network, budget of $280,000 (main award, plus supplementary award of $30,000 and award for seminar organisation of $22,000; period 01/11-12/14 (Soina Livingstone)
  • National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC). UK qualitative pilot study on young people and ‘sexting’. Co-I with Institute of Education, Kings College London and LSE. Total Budget: £25,000. Period 2011. (Soina Livingstone)


  • International Knowledge Management - Emergent, EUR 5m, period 2007-2012 (Steering Committee member) European Commission (7th Framework Programme): 'Socio-Economic Impact Assessment for Research Projects' (SEQUOIA), budget of EUR 151,070, period: 01/05/2010 - 30/04/2012 (Paolo Dini and Robin Mansell)
  • LSE HEIF4 Fund. 'Media Policy Project'. Total Budget: £19,739. Period 2010-11. (Damian Tambini)
  • The Leverhulme Trust. ' Mediated Humanitarian Knowledge; Audiences' Reactions and Moral Actions', budget £232,210; period: 1/10/2010 - 1/10/2013 (B. Seu and Shani Orgad).
  • Hellenic Alumni Association. Sponsorship to support PhD Scholarship in 'International Journalism'. Total Budget: £30,000. (Lilie Chouliaraki)


  • European Commission (7th Framework Programme): Family Platform: Social platform on research for families and family policy, budget of 1,546,740 Euros to the consortium, including 54,302 Euros to LSE; period: 10/2009 - 04/2011 (Sonia Livingstone)
  • European Research Council, Advanced Investigator Grants: ' Media and Democracy in Central and Eastern Europe: Qualities of Media, Qualities of Democracy', budget of EUR 2,06 million, period 1/10/09-30/9/13 (J.Zielonka and Terhi Rantanen)
  • US Conference Board /Telefonica Foundation Funding, The Linked World: The long tail of digital exclusion. Total Budget $44.000, period 09/2009 - 04/2010 (Ellen Helsper)
  • LSE Seed Fund. Local Citizen Participation in Local Government. Budget: £4,000.00. Period: June 2009 - June 2010. (L.Manyozo).
  • LSE Seed Fund. Riding on eMule: A Case Study on the File Sharing Community in China. Budget: £3,750.00. Period: January - April 2009. (Bingchun Meng)


  • European Commission: Media and Citizenship. Transnational Television Cultures Reshaping Political Identities in the European Union, budget 327,117 euro; period: 01/04/2008 - 30/03/2011 (Myria Georgiou European Consortium leader: C.Slade)
  • European Commission (7th Framework Programme). 'Connecting Socio-Economic Research on the Dynamics of the Knowledge Society in the European Union and Latin American and Caribbean Countries' (EULAKS), EUR 95,791, period: 1/02/2008-31/01/2011 (Paolo Dini)
  • Dutch Research Council for the Humanities. 'Journalism and Cosmopolitanism' with Utrecht University. Total Budget: £30,000. Period 2008-2010. (Lilie Chouliaraki)


  • ESRC Seminar Series. ' The Educational and Social Impact of New Technologies on Young People in Britain', budget of £17K; period: 01/10/2007-30/9/2009, with John Coleman, Department of Education, University of Oxford. (Sonia Livingstone)
  • DfES/Becta. 'DfES - Children Go Online - Literature Review', period :02-03/07 (Sonia Livingstone)


  • Research Council of Norway. 'Mediatized Stories: Mediation perspectives on digital storytelling among youth' (1 of 20 networked researchers from Nordic countries, UK and USA), 4.4 million NOK; period: 2006-2009 (Sonia Livingstone)
  • European Commission. "Open Philosophies for Associative Autopoietic Digital Ecosystems" (OPAALS), EUR 1,392,759, period: 01/06/2006-31/08/2010 (Paolo DiniRobin Mansell)  
  • Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation. "Diasporic Daughters", budget of £2,500; period: 01/06/2006-30/08/2006 (Youna Kim
  • Nuffield Foundation. "Diasporic Daughters", budget of £9,540; period: 01/01/2006-30/06/2006 (Youna Kim
  • EC (Safer Internet Plus programme). 'EU Kids Online', budget of 0.5m Euro, period: 26/06/2006-25/06/2009. (Sonia Livingstone and Leslie Haddon)
  • RCPO/EPSRC. IDEAS Factory, Sand-Pit Director, 'Countering Terrorisim in Public Places', budget of £20,000, period: 03/08/2006-31/12/2006 (Robin Mansell)
  • USC Annenberg Center for Communication. Senior visiting fellowship ($15,000), period: 01/10/2006- 31/01/2007 (Terhi Rantanen
  • European Commission (6th Framework Programme). 'Biologically-Inspired Autonomic Networks and Services' (BIONETS), EUR 461,248; period: 01/01/2006-28/02/2010 (Paolo Dini)
  • LSE Seed Fund. The Survivor in Contemporary Media and Public Disclosure.  Budget of £13,730.00. Period: June 2006 - August 2007. (Shani Orgad)


  • OFCOM. Updating R18 Literature Review, period: 11/05-02/06 (Sonia Livingstone)
  • Technical University of Denmark. 'Telecom Demand', period: 1/5/05-31/12/05 (Robin Mansell)
  • International Development Research Centre (IDRC Canada). Telecom Demand: Measures for Improving Affordability with, £25,000, period: 01/01/2005 - 31/12/2005 (Robin Mansell)
  • ICSTIS, Vodafone, OFCOM, BT, BBC, BBFC, AOL. ICSTIS - Harm and Offence Literature Review, period: 03/05-12/05 (Sonia Livingstone)
  • OFCOM. UK Children Go Online Emerging Opportunities and Danger, period 20/01/05-30/04/05 (Sonia Livingstone)
  • British Academy Small Research Grant. When News Became New, budget of £4,244; period: 01/01/2005-15/2005 (Terhi Rantanen


  • Ofcom. The Role of Advertising on Children's Food Choice: A Literature Review, £3,500; period: 01/02/2004- 30/04/ 2004 (Sonia Livingstone)
  • Nuffield Foundation. 'Political Advertising in Comparative Perspective', budget of £5,108, period 1/03/2004-31/12/2004 (Margaret Scammell)
  • European Commission. (IREN - International Radio Research Network) budget of £70,203; period: 01/03/2004 to 31/08/2006 (P. Lewis), budget of £5,108; period: 01/03/2004-31/12/2004 (Margaret Scammell)
  • Electronic Data Systems (EDS) Limited. 'Innovation Research Programme', period: 1/12/04-30/11/09 (Robin Mansell)
  • Ofcom. The Relation between Advertising and Children's Food Choice: Analysis of Survey Data, £3,100, period: 01/06/2004-30/07/2004 (Sonia Livingstone)
  • Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. 'Social Tapestries', budget of £10,000; period: 01/05/2004-31/03/2005 (Roger Silverstone and Giles Lane)
  • Ofcom. Media Literacy: A review of the literature on UK adults, £5,000; period: 01/10/2004-31/12/2004 (Sonia Livingstone)


  • ESRC (with co-funding from AOL, BSC, ITC, Citizens Online): ' UK Children Go Online', budget of £261,000, period 25/04/2003 - 24/04/2005 (Sonia Livingstone)
  • Department of Trade and Industry, Office of Science and Technology. Cyber Trust and Crime Prevention Project, Foresight Programme, £28,600, period 01/04/2003-30/06/2004 (Robin Mansell)
  • Department of Trade & Industry. 'Urban Tapestries', budget of £9,987, period: 01/05/2003-31/01/2004 (Roger Silverstone and Giles Lane)
  • Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC). 'Media Consumption and the Future of Public Connection', budget of £135,000, period: 01/10/2003 - 31/03/2006 (Nick Couldry and Sonia Livingstone)
  • European Commission. 'Marie Curie Fellowships - FUTURUM', period: 1/10/03-30/09/05 (Robin Mansell)
  • European Commission. 'Digital Business Ecosystems(DBE)', budget of £404,000, period: 01/11/2003 - 31/1/2007 (Paolo Dini)
  • European Commission. 'New Media and Everyday Life in Europe', period: 1/1/03-31/12/05 (Roger Silverstone)
  • Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC). 'ICT & Transformative Social Change', period: 1/01/03-31/03/04 (Robin Mansell)


  • University of Freiburg. 'Digital Dialogues', period: 01/01/02-03/12/03 (Peter Lewis)
  • Department for International Development. 'Evaluation of Alternative Community Media'; budget of £24,900; period 06/02/2002-30/06/2002 (D. Slater & Peter Lewis)
  • Broadcasting Standards Commission. Media: Literacy: Literature Review , budget of £3,000; period: 01/04/2002-30/06/2002 (Sonia Livingstone)
  • Cabinet Office: 'Electronic Networking'; budget of £29,345; period: 10/06/2002-09/08/2002 (Robin Mansell)
  • European Commission. 'Growth Nodes in Knowledge Based Europe'; budget of £40,605; period: 01/07/2002-30/06/2003 (Robin Mansell)


  • University of Brighton. 'Radio Teaching and Learning'; budget of £4,821; period: 01/01/2001-31/12/2001 (Peter Lewis)
  • Department for International Development. 'e-commerce for Developing Countries'; budget of £195,683; period: 01/01/2001-31/12/2002 (Robin Mansell)
  • University of Sussex. 'Digital Revolution'; budget of £35,000; period: 01/03/2001-31/12/2003 (Robin Mansell)
  • Commonwealth Secretariat. 'Information Technology'; budget of £4,256; period: 01/03/2001-31/03/2001 (Robin Mansell)
  • National Children's Bureau. 'Children and the Internet', budget of £5,000; period: 15/11/2001-28/02/2002 (Sonia Livingstone)


  • European Commission. European Media (EMTEL)'; budget of £805,103; period: 01/05/2000-30/04/2003 (Roger Silverstone)
  • Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC). 'The Radio Research Project', period: 01/03/99-28/02/02 (Peter Lewis)
  • Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC). 'Increasing Public Understanding of Radio Medium'; budget of £93,111; period: 01/03/1999-28/02/2002 (Peter Lewis)
  • British Telecom. 'Families and the Internet', budget of £108,650; period: 01/09/1999-30/06/2001 (Sonia Livingstone)
  • European Commission. 'Educational Pathways for Adult Learners'; budget of £6,672; period: 01/09/1998-31/08/1999 (Sonia Livingstone)
  • European Commission. 'ESF: 'European Comparative Study': period: 01/01/97-31/12/00 (Sonia Livingstone)

Multi-funded Projects:

  • 'A 12-Nation European Comparison of Children’s Changing Media Environment'. Total Budget: £84,600; Period: 1997-2000. (Sonia Livingstone)
    • Funders: European Commission (£35.6k); European Science Foundation (£19k); European Parliament (£30k)
  • 'Children, Young People and the Changing Media Environment'. Total Budget: £300k; Period 1995-1999. (Sonia Livingstone)
    • Funders: BBC (£90k); Leverhulme Trust (£66.3k); British Telecoms plc(£60k); Advertising Association (£7k); Broadcasting Standards Commission (£20k); Yorkshire/Tyne-Tees/ITVA (£25k); Independent Television Commission (£32k)

Prizes, Honours, Special Appointments


  • Sonia Livingstone was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from the Univeristy of Copenhagen, Denmark (2018). More here.
  • Sonia Livingstone was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from the University of the Basque Country (2017). More here.
  • Nick Couldry was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from Södertörn University, Sweden (2015). More here.
  • Sonia Livingstone was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Panthéon-Assas (Paris II), France (2015). More here.
  • Sonia Livingstone was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Montreal, Canada (2014).
  • Sonia Livingstone was awarded an OBE (Order of the British Empire) for services to children and child internet safety (2014).


Special Appointments

  • Sonia Livingstone was appointed specialist adviser to the House of Lords Communications Committee inquiry into children and the internet (2016). More here.
  • Charlie Beckett was appointed as special adviser on broadcasting to the House of Commons select committee for culture, media and sport (2015). More here.
  • Robin Mansell was appointed Interim Deputy Director and Provost of LSE (2015-16).
  • Nick Couldry and Shani Orgad were appointed as Commissioners for the Gender, Media and Culture section of the LSE Commission on Gender, Inequality and Power (2015). More here.