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Researching Children's Rights Globally in the Digital Age

Researching Children's Rights

Photo credit: Claude Robillard

To examine how children's rights to provision, protection and participation are being enhanced or undermined in the digital age, this meeting aims to build on current understandings of the risks and opportunities afforded to children worldwide as they gain access to internet-enabled technologies of one kind or another. 

The meeting draws together international experts in child rights, child protection, internet and mobile technologies and governance, cross-national survey and ethnographic methods, applied and policy-relevant research, and area specialists from the global North and the global South. Check out the Participants page for biographies and expert interviews on video.

The meeting was held on 12-14 February 2015 at the London School of Economics and Political Science. It was organised by Sonia Livingstone, Jasmina Byrne, Monica Bulger and Alexandra Chernyavskaya. Check out the Agenda to watch presentation videos and download slides. 

Aims and report

Aims and report

International experts discussed six pressing challenges for cross-national research on the opportunities and barriers to children’s rights in the digital age.



Here we provide up-to-date, multi-national links to articles, reports and projects in this fast-developing domain of research, policy and practice.



See how experts from around the world identify the key challenges and propose new directions for research, policy and practice in relation to children’s rights in the digital age.