Evaluating Digital Skills and Tangible Outcomes in Kuwait

Principal Investigators: Professor Ellen Helsper and Dr Fahed Al-Sumait
Duration: September 2019–December 2021

DiSTO project

The From Digital Skills to Tangible Outcomes collaboration project in Kuwait (DiSTO-Kuwait) consists of the translation, adaptation, validation and implementation of the global DiSTO methodology within a Kuwaiti context. The DiSTO methodology utilizes an inclusive approach to measure people’s digital media use and their outcomes across four domains: Economic, Cultural, Social and Personal. To date, such multidimensional information on Kuwait’s digital media environment remains sparse, limiting a deeper understanding as to which individuals and groups are deriving the most tangible benefits from its use, and why. Such information is valuable to governments, businesses, educators, and individuals, all of whom seek to better harness the many dividends that Information and Communication Technologies can provide and make sure that their countries are ready for a digital future.

The DiSTO-Kuwait project’s primary outcomes include a multi-stakeholder presentation and workshop in Kuwait, international conference presentations, research publications, and an initial baseline of comparative data about digital media-use in Kuwait. The project data and reports will be made publicly available in order to inform related academic and policy discussions at various levels across the four domains measured. Such information is applicable to understanding and improving the wellbeing of residents, as well as helping Kuwait to improve its digital capabilities and global competitiveness. The data will further aid Kuwait by including it for the first time in important large-scale projects that evaluate digital media growth and social change around the world.

More information on the DiSTO project can be found here


Principal Investigators


Professor Ellen Helsper

Ellen is Professor in Digital Inequalities at the Department of Media and Communications at LSE.

Al-Sumait, Fahed

Dr Fahed Al-Sumait

Fahed is an Assistant Professor at the Gulf University for Science and Technology and an incoming faculty with the American University of Kuwait starting in Fall 2022.


Navarro, Cristina 2022

Cristina Navarro

Cristina is an Associate Professor of Communication and Department Chair at the Gulf University for Science and Technology in Kuwait.

Al-Saif, Nouf 2022

Nouf Al-Saif

Nouf is the Research Associate for the DiSTO project in Kuwait, where she is also a Teaching Assistant in the Department of Mass Communication and Media at the Gulf University for Science and Technology.


Nilesh Raut

Nilesh is a Research Assistant on the project.